Why Your Business’ Website Needs To Be Mobile Optimised

Keep Your Business in the Market as Consumers Go Mobile

Let’s face it: mobile web browsing is more popular than ever. In less than two years, we will access the internet more from our mobile devices than from our desktops. All around us, at any given time, someone is browsing on their Android or iPhone, tablet or any other mobile device connected to the Internet. On public transport, at cafes, in the line at the post office or in the supermarket, we are always connected. This being the case, your business’ website needs to be mobile optimised (only one in five brands currently have mobile optimised sites).

The Organics of a PR Workshop

An Intimate and Organic PR Workshop Experience

What happens when you get three extraordinarily different women in one room, all with very different backgrounds, dynamic ideas and innovative services to learn about public relations and all its machinations? What you get is this Charlie’s Angels moment where these women begin to emit an energy that is palpable.