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10 Things Your Instagram Bio Needs

Outsource2Us provides 10 easy-to-follow steps to create an AMAZING Instagram bio.

A 10-step hack to creating a great Instagram bio that will take you no more than ten minutes!

1. Set your Instagram handle as your business name

Instagram is used as a tool to build brand awareness and connect on a deeper level with your customers. If your Instagram handle does not match your business’s name, how are customers going to find you?

2. Make your profile picture your business logo or a high-resolution photo of yourself if you are your brand

Make your business stand out and be recognisable! Implementing this step makes your business easy to see in the search bar, news feeds, and direct messages (DMs).

3. Set the ‘name’ description as either the business name, the owner’s names, or the business’s slogan

This description is what the eye is drawn to first, it is bolded and at the beginning of your biography description. Put your best foot forward!

4. Select a business category

This category will appear under your ‘name’ description. You must select the accurate category that best describes what your business fits into. For example, Outsource2Us would have a “Marketing Agency”.

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5. List your offerings

Make this clear. If you have a long list of offerings you provide, try, and narrow it down to the top three. Maybe put these in capital letters or use emojis as dot points to make them stand out.

6. Add a CTA (call to action)

This is so important! Not just for bios but every post you make. Tell your audience what action you want them to take. For example, “call us now!”

7. Include your website URL

You could link your CTA to this website, for example, “click the link below to enquire!”. What would make this step even more effective is implementing a LinkTree. A LinkTree allows you to share multiple links to different pages you want potential customers to go to. For example, one link could be to your business’s Facebook page and the others could be linked to separate pages on your website e.g., the contact us page and about us page.

8. Add your business’s location

If you don’t have a physical address, you can add what country or state your business is based in. This helps consumers get an idea of where your business is situated in comparison to them.

9. Add the keyways your audience can contact and find you

Add your business’s email address! You can link your business’s online booking system if you have one.

10. Add Instagram highlights and make their display covers match your business’s branding

You can create several highlight reels that are specific. For example, you can have individual highlight reels dedicated to either testimonials, BTS, or examples of your work.

Making the display cover of these highlights match your brand’s colours create consistency and foster brand awareness.

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Emily Spence
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