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5 Reasons Why You Need a Good Logo

Outsource2Us shares 5 reasons why having a great logo can make all the difference…

Logos are everywhere! They cover everything from signs, to shirts, bags, books, apps, and so much more. Here are our top five reasons why you need the best to make it above the rest.

1. Public Perception

Logos are one of the core devices used in business branding, meaning they are the first thing people see of the company.

It takes a person’s brain roughly 500 milliseconds, or half a second, to process a single thought. In less than a second a decision can be made in a person’s mind based on sensory information, such as sight. Members of the general wider public will base their perception of your business entirely on your logo in less than a second – so make it count!

2. Recognition

As mentioned previously, there is almost as many existing logos as there are people living on this planet – that’s a lot! Think about it; every business (from start-up to multi-dollar corporations), every club or team (from pro sports teams to book clubs), every school or college (state, private, etc). This list is endless!

To stand out, you’ll need it to be memorable – not another version of the same symbol or icon. Be original, distinctive, and creative.

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3. Marketing

A good company needs a logo that looks just as good in any size and colour. Whether it’s on a Facebook cover image, sweatshirt jumper, or ballpoint pen, a great logo stands out on anything and everything. From small print on pens or paper, to large print on shirts or jumper, or small digital for an Instagram profile picture, are large digital for a website banner.

When creating the best ever logo, you must consider your marketing plan and how the brand will be used within the marketing.

4. Brand Loyalty

A recognisable logo encourages brand loyalty, as when a consumer likes your product or services they are able to identify your business by your logo and seek you out again in the future. If you like something, you want it again, and with a memorable logo, people know exactly which one is yours.

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5. Identity

When you have a great logo, you’re giving your brand a face, and giving your company or business an identity. Giving a business an identity gives it substance and legitimacy in the eyes of the wider community.

Logos, as part of a brand, can make or break a company, and we want to see you and your business succeed.

You might be asking yourself – can I create this myself or should I use graphic design services? A professional graphic designer will work with you to define your business through art, taking your preferences into account to produce a collaborative piece that is customised for you and your business. It can also save you time, leaving you free to pursue your other business goals. Learn more about graphic design vs. DIY logo creation HERE.

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