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5 Ways To Add Video To Your Social Media Strategy

Outsource2Us shares 5 ways that videos can enhance your social media marketing

In social media, there are few trends that are as effective and easy to add to a business’s social media strategy as video. In particular, video is an engaging and informative way to reach clients, and it is gaining popularity as a social media strategy.

Social media videos are not time-consuming for a business to produce, with 56% of all videos published last year sitting at under 2 minutes each it is easy to quickly record and produce one for any level of business. This appeals to the ever-shortening attention span of online users and ensures your video content is a summary of only the most essential information.

Here are 5 ways video content can play an integral role in expanding your online presence and how it can easily be incorporated as a regular piece of collateral:

1. Q&A’s

Q&A videos are a very effective way to gain traction on social media, it’s a great way to promote a business and explain a topic to a large audience in a convenient and capturing manner. Q&A’s also allow for a business to build further rapport with their customers through videos on the questions that clients want answers to.

2. Live Videos

Live video on social media is also a very popular trend that is showing just how effective video marketing can be. Live video adds an element of personality to a business’s social media strategy and is the easiest of the popular social media marketing strategies, as it can be done at any time and can be used to promote any topic or product you’d like.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials and other types of third-party endorsements are a great alternative to encourage your consumers to say ‘yes’ to your business and increase your sales. These videos put real people behind the screens of your brand, with individual insight as to how your company helped them. These are effective at bringing a personal and trustworthy aspect to your company.

4. Product Videos

Product videos are an important part of your marketing strategy as they give viewers a chance to see how your service works in action and how products look and work. Usually running for 1-2 minutes, you can link and tag products shared in the video for clients to easily access after watching.

5. Announcements or Reveals

Announcement videos create online hype about your new products or services and are fun and engaging to watch. This type of video may be the most important one to gain client interest.

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