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The 6 Benefits of an External Plugin Marketing Team

The collaborative nature of an external plugin marketing team can help drive the goals and direction of your company. Here’s why:

1. Save Money

Hiring an external plugin marketing team can help your business save up to half the cost of hiring a full-time marketer. The cost of outsourcing is solely dependent on your needs as a business as opposed to individual salaries. By outsourcing to Outsource2Us, you’re already saving money on recruiting, training, salaries, benefits, bonuses – and any other staffing costs that you can’t predict. You also don’t have to worry about rehiring staff as you know you have a team of experts with you whenever you need them.

2. Access to a Wider Skill Set

Utilising an external plugin marketing team means that you gain access to senior experts and specialists to develop, plan and implement your marketing strategy. Rather than hiring marketers who may not necessarily have the skills required in certain areas, externally sourcing provides you access to a team of experts in their respective fields.

3. Scalability, Consistency and Sustainability

As your business grows, so will your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns. This can be daunting for in-house marketers and your employees that require time better spent on your clients. However, by externally hiring your marketing team, you can scale your needs easily and know that a dependable marketing team is only one phone call away. In-house marketing efforts also are often limited in scope and frequency to build a long-term relationship between your business and your audience.

4. Utilise Tools and Trends

Marketing is constantly evolving, which means marketers have to be vigilant to stay ahead of the curve and up to date with the latest trends. This is part of an external plugin marketing team’s job; staying up to date with the latest marketing trends, techniques and technologies so that you don’t have to spend your billable time researching. Your business will also gain the benefits of marketing tools that can help improve the performance and measurability of your campaigns without the overhead cost of purchasing the tools yourself.

5. Gain New Perspectives

When you’re handling both client needs and marketing within your business, it’s easy to get creative tunnel vision. Marketing may start to feel like a box to tick rather than an integrated component of your business. An external plugin marketing team will breathe new ideas and fresh perspectives in your marketing strategies. Case studies, examples of proven ROI through EOM reports and potential cost estimates can be provided on application.

6. On-Site Support

Having an external plugin marketing team working with your business gives you the best of both worlds. You have someone who knows your business and can implement the day-to-day activities but are also backed up by a team of experts with experience in a variety of different marketing disciplines.

We’ll Direct and Guide Your Growth

Unlike a normal digital marketing agency, we call ourselves a plugin team. That’s because we do exactly that, we work as part of your team. We work alongside you to create powerful strategies and fresh solutions to bring your vision to life. To keep it simple, we become your brand.

We handle all aspects of marketing, social media, public relations, Google ADs, SEO, website development and maintenance and graphic design, with more than 30 years of collective experience.

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