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7 Email Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

Outsource2Us shares email marketing tips to help launch small businesses into the eyes of the customer.


Email marketing is one of the important tools required to build a successful brand and business. It increases brand awareness, keeps subscribers up to date with new deals/products, and encourages both return and new traffic.

By implementing just a few simple techniques and actions, you can transform your connection to your customers, increase site visits, and up conversion rates exponentially. Here are a few email marketing tips for small businesses.

1. Greet new subscribers with welcome emails

A welcome email is the most important and useful email that a company can send. It’s usually the first email (or series of emails) a new subscriber gets, so it’s an ideal chance to establish expectations with them. Since welcome emails frequently have the highest open rates for businesses, they rank among the best-performing campaigns and should always be implemented.

2. Keep people in the loop with newsletters

Regular emails maintain brand interest and keep customers up to date with news about your business. Newsletters are a great way to combine information about new products, content, or offers via weekly, fortnightly or monthly emails. Additionally, it’s a fantastic format for sharing with your audience the most recent client testimonials, research, or insightful information.

3. Incentivise sales through special offers

Special offers are an effective way to pique the interest of potential customers and incentivise sales. One of the best ways to spread this information is via email marketing, being a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to increase sales. Further personalisation can be accomplished with behavioural targeting. This is when customers are sent an automatic email when a product they like is on sale or a special discount may be offered to your best customers to bring them back to the store.


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4. Send updates about your brand

Email marketing can also keep loyal subscribers informed of changes to the brand or business. Changes to products or upcoming events are a fantastic opportunity to further interact with your customers. Furthermore, automatic email updates on orders and purchasing should be utilised to increase brand transparency and loyalty, making the order process easy and hassle-free. This simple step can provide convenience to customers and also help increase return business.

5. Give reminders to inspire action

Emails such as abandoned checkouts (when a customer adds an item to their shopping carts but leaves before purchasing) are great reminders for customers. People lead busy lives, and these abandoned cart reminders keep your brand front of mind of the customer, leading to increased conversions.

6. Connect with subscribers on special occasions

Tailored content is a way for brands to connect with their client base, with emails celebrating birthdays, major holidays, or anniversaries making subscribers feel special. This tailored content is a nice addition on top of newsletters to let customers feel as if they are part of the family and brand as a whole.

7. Personalise your emails.

We’ve already touched on this throughout the blog, but if you really want to connect with your customers, you need to be adding in-person touches were possible to better connect with you customers. This can be done by adding their name at the start of an email or even the subject headline. But that is just the start of personalising your content. If you are having a sale, you can adjust your email so each customers sees the sale start time in their own time zone. It’s these small steps that can make a big difference to your customers.

Email marketing is a valuable tool for businesses that want to connect with their customers. While most businesses have email marketing implemented, it can be time-consuming and tough to keep on top of.

That’s where we come in. Outsource2Us are experts when it comes to developing email marketing campaigns and designing automated email chains. Our experience across various industries in Brisbane has spanned over 11 years and we have seen all types of businesses benefit greatly from a well implemented email marketing system.

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