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About Us

Seeing our clients’ visions come to life is what fuels our passion and drive. Since 2010, we’ve worked with many different clients in Brisbane and across Queensland, Australia and New Zealand, helping them to tell their stories and build their brands. We’ll work alongside you to create powerful strategies and achieve meaningful, trackable results that generate new opportunities for your business. Our hands-on process often sees our marketing managers placed on-site as part of your team so we can understand the business needs and deliver the best possible results. 

Meet Your Plug-in Marketing Team

Jane Toohey - Outsource2Us

Jane Toohey

Managing Director

Our fearless leader Jane started Outsource2us in 2010. She’s an expert in all things communications, brand development, integrated marketing and digital. Her strong combination of digital education, proven business acumen and marketing experience spanning three decades and countless organisations enables an understanding of strategy that’s customisable to any brand. Put simply, everything she does is geared towards helping companies grow their business and generate new opportunities. Outside of work Jane is a yoga and meditation teacher, so if you’re feeling a little stressed with your marketing right now, she can help you in more ways than one!

Liam Toohey - Outsource2Us

Liam Toohey

Director and Project Manager

Liam works across most parts of the business from Marketing and Web Development to Design, supporting the team with any technical needs. He is also the company firefighter, running into action when a computer is having “one of those days” or a client’s emails have stopped working! Liam is also our Senior Web Developer, managing our projects from the initial designs right through to the final product. On his off days, Liam enjoys finding lots of ways to relax, whether that’s in the surf or on the PS5.

Grace Sutherland - Outsource2Us

Grace Sutherland

Agency Manager & Senior Marketing Manager

Grace has extensive expertise in integrated marketing strategies with a specialisation in influencer marketing & management. She focuses on generating smart content and tactics to tell her clients’ brand story.

She’s not just a strategist but a story-weaver, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience. The campaigns Grace manages achieve ROI for her clients and help build their business to achieve strong growth.

Grace’s vibrant personality shines brightest in relationship-building, fostering robust connections that benefit both client visions and campaign successes. She immerses herself in clients’ world, ensuring seamless communication and collaborative triumphs. Her passion is meeting challenges with an energy that drives client success.

Beyond the office, Grace loves spending time with her husband & son, and playing lots of indoor netball.

Emily Spence - Outsource2Us

Emily Spence

Senior Marketing Manager

Emily often travels to work with clients on-site, becoming a part of their team and ensuring there is a clear line of communication with ours. Her enthusiastic outlook and passion for getting results means she is always eager to meet a new challenge head on. She loves to see her clients succeed! Outside of work you’ll find Emily enjoying some live music around Brisbane.

Zach Gatehouse - Outsource2Us

Zach Gatehouse

Lead Graphic Designer

Zach, our graphic designer, spends his workdays tackling the various graphic design needs of our clients. His creative spark and passion for all things visual means he always has an innovative solution, creating fresh and exciting designs to take our clients to new levels. In Zach’s free time, you’ll find him cruising around on his skateboard or exploring new nature spots.

Meredith Melvin - Outsource2Us

Meredith Melvin

Marketing Manager & Copywriter

Meredith uses her background in journalism and copywriting to write effective blogs and social media posts. She also works closely with our marketing managers and on-site with clients, offering a helping hand and lending her creativity to any marketing tasks required. Outside of work, you’ll find her binging horror movies with her partner.

Marcus Sountas

Marcus Sountas

Junior Marketing Manager

Marcus works closely with our marketing managers and clients to become their go-to marketing support. He is enthusiastic, creative and results driven. Marcus really thrives when providing our clients with social media, copy writing & general marketing support. When he’s not at work you’ll find Marcus watching football (soccer) or outdoors hiking or camping! 

Jonathan Arellano - Outsource2Us

Jonathan Arellano

Web Developer

Jonathan is a magician in making the nitty gitty part of web development, and website maintenance look a breeze. With support from our Senior Web Developer, Jonathan’s problem solving skills are essential in bringing our client’s vision to life. During his spare time, he loves to explore new places, going on adventures with his wife and playing his guitar.

Rey Gutierrez - Outsource2Us

Rey Gutierrez

Senior SEO Specialist

Rey, our senior specialist has considerable technical knowledge of search engines and knows his way around Google’s forever changing algorithms. He spends his days creating and implementing search strategies and performing SERP analysis for our clients. Rey knows all the latest tips to ensure our client’s keywords get the best results. In Rey’s free time, you’ll find him watching YouTube and TikTok tutorial videos on diverse stuff and having a crack at cryptocurrency trading.

Gian Anton Laguyo - Outsource2Us

Gian Anton Laguyo

SEO Specialist

Gian, our Junior SEO Specialist makes sure our clients are using the right keywords to rank on page one of Google. Throughout his day, he’ll perform SEO audits and create recommendations and keyword research as well as optimise metadata and website content. He will also support our Senior SEO Specialist in implementing search strategies. When he isn’t optimising website content, Gian spends his free time watching movies and helping at home with his family’s food business.

Kristian Inocencio - Outsource2Us

Kristian Inocencio

Google Ads Manager

At Outsource 2 Us, Kristian stands as the linchpin of our digital campaigns. With a knack for gathering pertinent data, he dives deep into analytics, ensuring every marketing move is both informed and impactful. Kristian doesn’t just manage the creation and execution of marketing activities; he fine-tunes them to perfection. His meticulous, detail-oriented approach is not just about meeting our client’s needs—it’s about exceeding their expectations. By consistently placing a premium on precision and strategic insight, Kristian has made it his mission to optimise campaigns for the highest possible ROI, cementing our reputation for excellence and tangible results.

Lyla - Outsource2Us


Team Morale Officer

Lyla is an expert in tail wagging and ensures the team stays highly motivated with daily check-ins involving lots of pats. If you’re lucky, you might even get a smile.

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