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Are Business Cards Really Dead?

Outsource2Us explores why business cards still have plenty of life left in 2022.


With so much of our world becoming digitised, you might be wondering whether you still need a paper business card.

At Outsource2Us, we’re firm believers that you absolutely do.

Why Business Cards are Important

Picture this: you’re at a major networking event with great names in attendance. You meet a potential client or possibly a business partner. You hit it off really well, perfectly delivering your ‘elevator pitch’ and answering their eager questions about what your business can do for them.

Then they ask for your contact details and … oops, you don’t have any business cards, so you opt for typing your details into their phone. Your contact entry is indistinguishable from a long list of others.

You might’ve nailed the delivery, but you failed your brand.

Business cards are essential, and not just because sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. The fact remains that business cards are the quickest way of exchanging information at events, conferences, and other networking opportunities.

Business Cards Show your Brand and Style

Direct marketing tools like business cards still matter. While it’s good practice to use LinkedIn to connect with people you meet, business cards are a tangible thing that you can hand out and people will remember you by. It’s also one of the first impressions they get of your branding.

Business cards are a good way of showcasing the ethos behind your brand. For example, simple designs with minimal colours can make you stand out among colourful brands and can show that you’re professional and future focussed. Add a few more colours and it can show that you’re a bit more playful but still professional. Take our designs for Your ELC and Clover Hill State School for example.



Business cards are a great opportunity to showcase any of your brand’s graphics to potential clients, keeping your business top of mind.

But if you still think that traditional business cards don’t reflect your modern business, there are ways of modernising your business card.

QR codes (as seen below with our very own business cards) are a great way to keep your contacts connected with you digitally. You can send someone to your website or any other platform quickly without them needing to type in your web address and check and double-check if your phone number is correct. We use our QR code as a digital business card. Scan it and all our contact information is on your phone instantly. A QR code can also hint that your business is innovative and efficient.



Graphic Design – We can Create your Business Card

While many “traditional” products may be losing relevance in today’s market, there’s still plenty of life left in printed business cards. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re trying to design a business card by yourself. This is where a professional graphic designer can step in to help.

If you want innovative business cards that set your business apart, Outsource2Us’ graphic design services have you covered. Come to us with any ideas you have, and we’ll work with you to design beautiful business cards that will help you stay top of mind.

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Emily Spence
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