Lou Browne has a long career history in multi-platform marketing B2C and B2B product and brand development having worked in industries as varied as wine and spirits, beauty and scuba diving. As well as a passion for social media, website design, events, marketing planning and strategy, she prides herself on her skills in relationship building.

Digital Sense

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Creating brand consistencyAbout Project Period: May – October 2017 Client: Digital Sense Subject: Integrated Marketing Campaign Digital Sense is an enterprise technology partner to medium to large size businesses and government organisations in Brisbane and across Australia. Our Task Was Our team structured our marketing strategy as a two-stage process, of three months each – agreeing…

Generating Blog Topics for Business Website

5 Tips To Generate More Blog Topics

For small businesses search engine optimised blogging is a cost-effective and relatively simple way to drive traffic to your website and help build your audience. Ensuring your blog content is interesting and relevant will help connect and engage your customers with your brand and generate more leads. So what do you blog about? How do you find new ideas, and how do you keep your content interesting?

De-cluttering Your Collateral: 6 tips to Spring Clean your Marketing Communications Strategy

Spring is upon us and at home that means it’s time for a Spring Clean, decluttering, tidying and doing all those little jobs have been on the back-burner over winter. A great way to get through every room is to sort items in three ways – clean what you love, fix what is necessary and bin what is no longer needed, broken or worn-out. The same idea should be considered for your communications strategy. When you reach this time of year, take a moment to evaluate your program and decide what needs to be cleaned, fixed or binned depending on its performance. To give you a hand, we put together a list of 6 tips for spring cleaning your communications strategy.

Choosing The Right Marketing Agency

Build And Grow Your Business By Choosing The Right Marketing Agency Businesses today often find that outsourcing marketing responsibilities to an agency is a great way to build their brand and grow their business. Outsourcing to a marketing agency gives you access to a whole host of skills and expertise you wouldn’t have with an…

Personal Branding Image for Blog

Personal Branding: A Must For All In Today’s Digital World

When it comes to branding people tend to think of big companies and their favourite brands. All you have to do is see the logo of your favourite brand and that inspires trust and loyalty. People see the Nike tick and think comfort, fashion, fun, reliability, sports gear that’s worth spending money on. When people see a golden M they immediately think of McDonalds, fast and easy food.