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Best Marketing Practices for IT Companies

Outsource2Us looks into the intricacies of IT Marketing in the 21st century

The IT industry is an incredibly competitive industry, elevating your brand above the noise is not an easy task, but we do it regularly for our IT clients and this is how.

The Steps:

  1. Research the market and the profile of the key customers
  2. Understand the competition
  3. Build a website as a marketing tool
  4. Create lots of content that is targeted and relevant
  5. Build a strong social media presence
  6. Woo the tech influencers
  7. Make the most of emerging new tech tools for marketing.
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1. Research the market and the profile of the key customers

First of all, we need to understand the market you play in and the profile of your key target clients.

We may use qualitative and quantitative techniques, but it doesn’t have to go on for months and cost the earth. There are ways to build up a comprehensive picture, fast. Then we gather data on your target audience by meeting with your people and talking with the customers. Then we build profiles on your customer types.

2. Understand the competition

We identify the top three or four competitors and review their websites, social media, search engine optimisation and any other online or offline resources available. A key point of IT marketing in Brisbane is to understand how competitors position themselves in the market and if there is a niche that no one is adequately servicing.

3. Build a website as a marketing tool

Your website must look great and be representative of a company in an innovative, fast paced industry. It’s the first impression for new potential customers, and it needs to engage them within the first 20 seconds.

These are the key elements to focus on:

Design and User Experience: Use a design that is professional and intuitive.

Search Engine Optimisation: Good SEO will allow your website to be on the top of search engine searches, being shown to more people.

Mobile Version: Google only looks at the mobile version of your website, so ensure the mobile version of your website is good quality.

4. Create lots of targeted relevant content

Business technology buyers aim to have complete knowledge before making decisions. Create many unique and relevant types of content that will seek to answer any questions from buyers. The more SEO tailored specific content that is created, the higher your company will rank on SEO, leading to more qualified leads.

5. Build a strong social media presence

Social media is an integral part of IT marketing in Brisbane. It is important that social media is targeted, written in the correct language and engaging for the audience. To achieve an effective B2B social media strategy you should:

  • Focus on the social media platforms where your target audience is the most active.
  • Create and promote your own content. Boosting content that is not yours will hurt your social media presence.
  • Be engaging and have specific and clear calls to action.
6. Take advantage of tech industry influencers

Speakers at industry events and sources for influential publications can be seen as influencers for IT marketing, we need to nurture them. A single mention from an influencer can expand your brand awareness and drive leads and new clients. In the IT industry, influencers are very important. Buyers are constantly looking for advice from experts to help them decide on a purchase decision.

7. Make the most of emerging new tech tools for marketing

As the IT marketing industry in Brisbane is tough and ever-changing, it is important to keep up with the industry. Integrate AR or VR technologies into your content and let potential customers experience your company through these emerging techniques.

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