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Big Brands are using TikTok to Spread the Word!

Outsource2Us Explains How You Can Use TikTok to Promote Your Brand

The new video dominated social media platform TikTok, has grown exponentially since it was first created in 2018 and we have been keeping an eye on its use. When big brands like ‘Superdry’ start using a platform to spread the word, then we all need to sit up and listen.

Last week Marketing Magazine reported how Superdry collaborated with NZ artists eleven7four and launched alongside the release of their single ‘Where it Hurts’ featuring Tayla Parx – the soundtrack of the AW20 campaign. And that TikTok social influencer Sarah Magusara kicked off the campaign with a viral dance challenge to ‘Where it Hurts’, with the content reaching 2.1 million views. Sarah Magusara has 13 million followers on TikTok.

So ensuring your brand is active, relatable and frequently on social media is vital to engage with your audience and if your audience is between 14 and 20, Tik Tok is the place to be. Here is the run-down on what to expect and how to get your brand started on the platform:

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How to Create an Account

Begin your brand activeness on TikTok by creating an account on the platform. Include a professional brand-related profile picture as well a bio, which could include additional information about your business or a hyperlink to your website. Your approach to your account will depend on the type of business you are, what products you sell, and where you are located. Your business could have a completely professional approach to the content you produce, however, it is important you keep the video content fun and relatable. Other brands, such as Lush, have advertised their products extremely well. They have created short videos with popular music tracks, while also keeping each video fresh, through different styles, mood, and music for each product.

Be Trendy

Develop a relationship with your own TikTok influencer. Influencers across various social media platforms usually carry a strong and reliable following base, allowing your business to be known and most importantly, quickly. In-depth research must be done in order to choose the right influencer for you and your brand. For example, if your brand sold makeup products, you would aim to reach out to makeup focused influencers for your perfect target audience. Check their background content, what other platforms they are known on, the way they behave, as well as the number of followers they have on the platform. Each influencer will have their own unique styles and ideas on how to support your brand, including competitions like a hashtag challenge, which are extremely popular throughout TikTok.

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Use Digital Advertising

Social media platforms have been using ads for many years now, which can incredibly effective if targeted correctly. Social media platforms, including TikTok, are able to provide you the profiling capability to target which people are more likely to be interested in your type of products, so you need to know the profile of your target customer before you start. This allows your spend on digital advertising to be effective when targeting a particular audience for your brand, but only if your call to action speaks to their needs and desires.

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