Dojo Wellness In The Courier Mail

With an increasing number Australian executives spending more than 12 hours at work every day, leading business and productive wellness experts, Dojo Wellness Experience, has created a world-first. The goal is to reinvigorate creativity, inventiveness and rejuvenation in Australian business with a more holistic and mindful approach to offsite training & workshops, ensuring quantifiable business outcomes and a more dynamic way of creative thinking.


Personal Branding

Who you are and the impression you make either works for you or it doesn’t. If you are committed to being successful in life, it is worthwhile spending sometime on your personal brand.

Personal branding has much of the same disciplines as business branding.

Start by asking yourself “What do I stand for?”. What is your promise? To yourself, your friends, your colleagues and your family. Or another way of saying it is, what are you committed to? How do you want to be seen in the world. You must determine what your values are? What are your codes of conduct? – Integrity – Family – Honesty – etc.


Marketing Brands Online

Marketing brands online through banner advertising, although much easier to track, has in the past been very difficult to target to specific prospective consumers in ‘buying mode’.

However, marketing brands through banner advertising in 2011, has become more much more effective and delivers more value for money. The new ways of banner advertising use advanced targeting and optimization techniques that target your brand message to potential customers where they are at their most receptive and hence more likely to take action.