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Brand Loyalty Is Depreciating; It’s Time to Focus on a Customer Experience Strategy. 

Outsource2Us shares our top 3 essentials when creating a customer experience strategy.

Within today’s competitive marketplace consumers have a lot of choices and often choose based on convenience or cost preferences. Brand loyalty is being eroded by online shopping and massive growth in competition. So more and more businesses have to focus on building a deeper connection with their customers, to not only increase positive brand perceptions, but also gain the edge over their competitors. A recent report from PwC revealed that 86% of consumers were prepared to pay more for greater customer experience; yet many businesses are not placing enough emphasis on strategies to improve their customer experience strategy.

Here are some aspects to consider:

1. Understand your consumer’s intent

In our digitised world, providing us with an ample amount of data analytics, understanding your consumers has never been easier. However, some businesses rely solely on the data and consider this as being customer centric. An effective customer experience strategy will only work if it is personalised and tailored to the individuality of each consumer. So by all means, use this data as a ‘blueprint’ to understand your consumers’ intent, but use other methods such as actually talking to your customers, to fully understand their profile.

2. Efficiently meeting this intent through various touchpoints

Relating to what we discussed in our previous blog, providing a convenient process through an omnichannel approach is highly effective when providing great customer experience. Going beyond a single channel will prevent many communication issues your business may face and provide customers with the ability to easily switch between channels with ease. Ranging from making your website more mobile-friendly to streamlining the process from platform to platform, it is imperative to make sure customers have an efficient, congruent, and seamless experience to ultimately deter disengagement.


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3. Use this intent to encourage consumer retention

You may already know that delivering great customer service will not only increase sales but will incite retention. The better experience you provide for your customers, the more repeat purchases and positive reviews you’ll receive. Other advantages also include:

  • Increased consumer satisfaction
  • Increased consumer loyalty
  • Enhanced brand recall
  • Stronger brand preference
  • Stronger word-of-mouth marketing

After understanding your consumers’ intent, you can utilise it and personalise your customer service strategy to develop a long-term benefit for your business. At all stages of the customer journey progress, consider whether their intent has been fulfilled and encourage them to make the decision to move onto the next stage in the sales cycle. This is where personalisation can positively influence this deeper-level stage of their decision-making and build a great customer experience over time.

At the end of the day, your business cannot exist without your customers. With an abundance of brands in today’s marketplace, Outsource2Us can help you implement an effective customer service strategy to stand out from the crowd, increase consumer satisfaction and differentiate you from your competitors.

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