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How to Make your Business Card stand Out from the Rest

These creative tips will help you design the ideal card for your business

As technology increases, the humble business card might seem like a relic of times past. But this small piece of marketing collateral remains an essential part of a strong brand.  Physically handing over a business card is a great way to quickly impart information about your business, and helps to create the kind of lasting impression that is hard to achieve through cluttered digital channels.Here is how to make the most of limited space and design a business card that communicates your brand effectively:


Business cards can be commissioned in a variety of finishes, and an interesting and tactile finish is a great way to separate your card from the rest. A textured finish is a subtle but effective way to add an elegant touch to a business card, perfect for a business that wants a simple and sophisticated look. Bear in mind that not all finishes will be appropriate for your business. A high gloss finish might be effective for a beauty salon, but it won’t be consistent with the messaging of a professional consulting service.


Shape can be employed to great effect for a business card that truly reflects your brand. An unconventional shape will certainly stand out as potential clients thumb through a stack. The shape of your card should reflect your brand. More conservative businesses might opt for a traditional rectangle, but in an industry that allows for a little creative flair, a more uncommon shape like a half circle or leaf look can be very effective.


Most businesses will employ company colours consistently across all their materials, and these colours are usually reflective of their business, for example, a childcare centre might choose bright primary colours. It is usually best to stick with one or two colours on a business card so that the important information stands out without looking unprofessional or overwhelming.


The key rule when selecting a typeface is that it must be easy to read. Complex cursive or cartoonish bubble writing might look great on your computer, but when it gets condensed to fit on a little card it will become unreadable. As long as your font is easily deciphered, you can select anything you like that reflects your brand. An embossed typeface can be a great way to add an elegant touch.


The best business cards should convey the brand personality and a few key points, which is not easy to do in a small space. Always include the essentials. Your name, title, company name, address, email, phone and web address at the very least. Some cards might include a slogan or short by-line, but it doesn’t need to. Leaving some negative space can be much more visually effective.

An effective business card will help you to network and attract new clients. At Outsource2Us, we can provide a fully outsourced solution for your graphic design needs. Our graphic designers can help create your style and design identity, and transform your communication into a visual expression of your brand.

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