Step 1: The Challenge

After eighteen months of development and beta site testing, the staff at the Brisbane business, bizEbus, finally had their product, bizEbox ready for marketing and sales. They knew that they had a product that was rather unique in the SME marketplace but there is a lot of difference between having a good product and being able to convert it to sales.

bizEbox is a complete backup system offering layered backup systems for SMEs. There is currently no other product available for SMEs with the capabilities of bizEbox.

Project Progress


Stage 2: The Process

The Internet provided the link that brought about the marketing partnership with Hilary Knights. At the initial meeting, goals and timelines were set. First step was to establish a logo, branding, a product positioning statement and complete business livery.

Market research was also carried out by Hilary Knights, which revealed many obvious results and also some rather startling findings.

The obvious results covered existing backup systems and their weaknesses.

  • Tape backups require staff input and physical removal of tapes
  • Local Software-only backups do not offer the security of offsite storage
  • Hard Drive backups do not take the data offsite and have the same failings as tape backup systems i.e. staff input and physical input.
  • Remote backup systems do not offer quick and easy data retrieval

bizEbox offers back up at all levels in both a hardware and software combination.  bizEbox (local backup computer) backs up individual workstations as well as the office server computer. Data can be retrieved locally, remotely and by hard copy DVD.

Some of the more surprising findings revealed that;

  • All but one respondent relied upon staff operations, which was of concern for all respondents.
  • All but one respondent had to take the back up media (tapes, CD’s) off their premises daily, which was considered an inconvenience.
  • With the exception of one, all respondents expressed their lack of knowledge about backup systems and their need to have strong support and service.
  • There was a general lack of confidence in deciding what to purchase.
  • All respondents were very aware of the financial and human resource costs involved in losing data.
Bizebox logo tile

Stage 3: The Outcomes

Following the presentation of the Marketing Research Paper to bizEbox’s management team, a sales plan has been developed and is currently being implemented.

With the guidance ofHilary Knights, sales targets have been set and are being monitored.   bizEbox sales are currently exceeding budgeted targets.