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Taking three businesses into one online space.

The Team
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3 Elements Online is a business run by a mother-daughter duo and brings together three businesses focused on health, nutrition, and fitness: RedRock Health and Fitness, 3 Elements Health, and Reset Retreats. Jan Newburn and April Butt, Fitness Professional and Functional Nutritionist respectively, are experts in their respective fields and after working together in the health industry for a decade now, they wanted to create multi-faceted wellbeing programs to share their wisdom and knowledge of holistic health.


Although 3 Elements didn’t have a large budget, Outsource2Us developed a dynamic solution that was affordable. Their goal was to integrate clients from all three businesses into one space, develop an online offering, and enable clients that may have been using one business to explore the online programs. Jan and April were also considering the implementation of a multi-tiered membership system for a variety of their courses.

Although 3 Elements didn’t have a large budget, Outsource2Us found and developed a dynamic solution that was affordable. Outsource2Us developed a fresh brand design pulling elements from the three businesses, designed and created an easy-to-navigate website, and continues to provide website hosting and management services.

Our Process


Some branding was already established prior to Outsource2Us’ involvement, with the logo coming from one of three businesses. 3 Elements Health inspired the design for 3 Elements Online, with the same sleek and calming design. The deep blue from the website was added into the new site but the colour palette was expanded upon, adding accenting earth tones and good use of white space. The website was built to be accessible, easy to navigate, and efficient in communicating necessary information – while also being easy to edit by their internal team.

Web Development

The website was designed with usability in mind. Various courses are offered through the website combining each of the business services so that potential clients interested in health, wellbeing, and fitness can more easily access their services. Outsource2Us first set up the landing page to provide some background information and have links back to the original websites of each business. This central zone is the focal point of the website and lists the main offers/health and wellness courses. 

Outsource2Us built a WordPress platform for 3 Elements Online with the main feature allowing their clients to subscribe to ongoing monthly and weekly courses. This enabled 3 Elements to develop courses, which Outsource2Us uploaded to the website at different access levels, providing access based on membership level.

The nine-page website currently contains three online courses that are sold to customers on a regular basis. Outsource2Us helped

  • Develop these courses,
  • Integrated Stripe into the website,
  • Used premium plugins to set different access levels, and
  • Set up the payment gateway.  

Outsource2Us continues to host and manage the website, and the client has come back for more services including webpage updates, new pages and digital advertising.


The clients were pleased with how the website turned out and the project was completed on time and within budget. 3 Elements Online continue to use Outsource2Us for web hosting and management services, commission updates and extra content they want added to the site when they need it.

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