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Bonny Babes Childcare

Working together to create newsworthy stories.


Located along the gorgeous Gold Coast, Bonny Babes Childcare is a childcare centre for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. The purpose-built centre features large, bright indoor spaces, and expansive, fully-covered outdoor play areas filled with beautiful greenery.

The Bonny Babes centres are located in an area where both market saturation and competition are high, making it crucial for them to effectively market their unique services.


Since Bonny Babes opened their first centre in 2001, the childcare industry has undergone significant changes. With a substantial increase in the number of centres in the local area, Bonny Babes approached Outsource2Us to help attract new families and increase centre occupancy.

Our Process

Our process began with creating an integrated and tactical marketing plan which combined digital tactics with traditional marketing. From this marketing strategy, three KPIs were outlined: 

  • Securing new and maintaining existing enrolments by ensuring families had an extremely positive experience with the centre, leading to increased word of mouth. 
  •  Creating awareness and increasing engagement to build a strong online community. 
  • To gain exposure for the centres and to get press coverage in a variety of media channels, including print, digital and television. 

In order to achieve these KPIs, Outsource2Us worked closely with Bonny Babes to create a comprehensive PR campaign which can be broken down into two key sections.

Working with Bonny Babes to ‘Find the Story’

Our process began with the Outsource2Us PR Manager visiting Bonny Babes and interviewing key personnel to ‘find their story’ – finding the unique activities and services that make Bonny Babes stand out from their competition.

From these interviews, Outsource2Us were able to create a number of newsworthy stories that were put into a regular schedule and submitted to a range of media channels on a fortnightly basis.

Working together to Create Newsworthy Stories

One of the key differences between Outsource2Us and other PR companies is that not only do we help our clients to find their stories, but we also make recommendations on how our clients can create new stories! Our marketing team made a number of recommendations on how Bonny Babes could augment their program to create press opportunities.

One of these ideas was ‘Bonny Babes Date Night’. Outsource2Us worked with Bonny Babes to create a Date Night, where parents were given the opportunity to drop off their children at the centre after hours for a nominal cost, allowing parents the night off. Our PR Manager submitted this story to various media channels and it was picked up by a number of media platforms, including Sunrise, Gold Coast Channel 7 evening news and Rotten Tomato Radio.


Our PR campaign for Bonny Babes was a great success, resulting in:

“Thank you so much. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication that Childcare Concepts Marketing has done over the past 4 months. You were just amazing!”

Elaine Mason
Bonny Babes Owner

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