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For more than two decades, this Brisbane-based recruitment company has been dedicated to empowering people and organisations by providing trusted advisory services and delivering end-to-end recruitment and customised HR solutions across various industries and sectors.


This recruitment company approached Outsource2Us to conduct competitor- based market research to ensure their offerings were on par with competition. This qualitative research was completed through conducting phone calls to five industry competitors provided by the client from across their market sector. These businesses ranged from a small Brisbane-based company to a global enterprise.


The research process began with an interview with a key member of staff at the recruitment company to understand their recruitment process, questions asked, and information required from potential clients.

Outsource2Us then developed a comprehensive company profile for effective competitor phone calls, containing background, salary expectations, company size, and structure. Six key questions were crafted and asked over the phone, simulating a customer seeking a C-level management position, to compare competitors’ recruitment and consulting offerings with the company’s current services.

The focus was on understanding the search process for positions like CEO, CIO, and Director, and the challenge was to gather relevant and comprehensive information.


At the conclusion of the five interviews, Outsource2Us collated the research into a comprehensive report. The detailed report highlighted what each competitor had on their website, their marketing and advertising processes, their level of communication with their clients, as well as the answers to the six key questions.

Another key aspect of this extensive report was the collation of general impressions from each of the five competitors. This included the feelings that were experienced from the perspective of a potential client through interacting over the phone with the competitor. By investigating what makes a business seem genuine, trustworthy, and professional, Outsource2Us was able to draw the conclusion of which competitor company we felt the most confidence in, if we were to work with them and reasons why, and this information was evaluated in the document. Once the report was finalised, Outsource2us met with the company and delivered all of the research in a meeting.

“In the initial meeting, Jane and her team took the time to really understand us and the outcomes we were looking for. We were kept up to date throughout and felt confident in what was being done. Overall, we were very impressed with the up-to-date research which helped inform our immediate business decisions. The report we received was detailed and had some value-add bonuses, which we were not expecting but greatly appreciated. We highly recommend the team.”

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