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Brisbane Pride

Working to support Queensland’s largest LGTBIQ+ event through social media.

Brisbane Pride Festival - Our Work

Client Overview

Brisbane Pride Festival is Queensland’s largest LGBTQI+ event and historically the second largest in the country. In the past, over 4,500 visitors, organisations and performers have attended the festival.

In mid-2021, Brisbane Pride, part of the Queensland Pride Network, approached Outsource2Us, looking for a vendor to manage a short-term marketing campaign for the upcoming festival. The stated goal was to develop a marketing plan that highlighted and promoted the festival, increasing attendance and visibility.

Our Process

Our process began with a strategic meeting to determine how our expertise could be applied to meet the unique goals of our client.

After consulting with the client, we broke the marketing plan into three steps:

  1. Updating the Brisbane Pride logo in three different colour schemes; and
  2. Creating marketing collateral (a promotional flyer and one minute marketing video clip combining the Rally, March, and Pride Fair Day); and
  3. Beginning a two-month social media marketing campaign to identify, attract, develop and promote the event.
Logo and Branding

In all communications, Brisbane Pride was very clear that they wanted to update their logo for the festival. We understood the significance this event holds for Brisbane Pride, and how the branding collateral we produced needed to match the spirit and ideas of the community it represents. Our graphic designer updated the design of the current logo, created a second version using progressive flag colours and a final black and white version.

Promotional Collateral

Using the photography from the previous year, our graphic designer created one main event promotional flyer. The flyer was used across the website, social media and printed to be distributed by the Brisbane Pride team. This raised the awareness of the festival and with the new logo variations, was a great way to present a fresh look that harmonised Brisbane Pride’s online and offline presence. 

As part of the promotional collateral, we also created a one minute video to be used across organic social media and advertising. The promotional video used footage from the previous years and highlighted the three main events – the Rally, March and Pride Fair.

Social Media Management

For the two months before the festival, Outsource2Us managed the social media across Facebook and Instagram. Using the progressive flag colours as the key branding, we created three weekly posts on both platforms as well as Instagram Stories to generate more interest. 

We also created posts celebrating the different sexualities, such as Bisexual Awareness Week. The post went viral, reaching 910,540 people, 84,274 reactions, comments and shares.


Working with Brisbane Pride, we were able to successfully market the Brisbane Pride Festival, generating significant engagement online and attendance at the Rally, March and Pride Fair.

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