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Clover Hill State School

Creating a new school logo that is fresh, innovative and modern.


Clover Hill State School is located in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. At Clover Hill, we believe in providing a future-focused learning journey that empowers our students to become confident, capable, and curious problem solvers within an environment that nurtures and values relationships and individuals. The principal of Clover Hill State School approached Outsource2Us with the goal of rebranding the school. We were seeking a fresh, innovative, and modern logo that symbolizes and captures the vision for the school’s future.

Our Process

Part 1 – The Briefing

The Outsource2Us plugin marketing team, including our Lead Graphic Designer, traveled to Mudgeeraba for an in-person brand briefing meeting with the school’s management team. During the meeting, we aimed to fully understand their requirements. We discussed the school’s programs, extracurricular activities, values, mission statement, and gathered insights from the team. Additionally, we reviewed research conducted within the parent community.

Part 2 – The initial concepts

From this meeting, we started by creating three initial concepts. Each concept included a rationale, a potential animation idea, and the incorporation of four to six keywords obtained from the meeting to highlight the connections between the logo and the school.

These initial concepts were then submitted for approval. As is customary for educational institutions and large businesses, the approval process involved a committee review. The concepts were assessed by the school management team, staff, and the P&C Committee.

An Example of the Rationales Provided 

Concept 3 primarily focused on the keywords Belonging, Pride, Connection, and Inclusion. The logomark was designed using five shapes to symbolise the five School Values. These shapes were arranged as five half circles overlapping each other, creating a sense of connection, nurturing, and belonging.

The logomark itself conveys a warm and welcoming feeling, with a blue dot and two green elements representing the children, while the two outer blue elements represent the school as a nurturing and encouraging environment.

Part 3 – Feedback and Changes

After obtaining feedback and thoughts from the three initial concepts revealed by the school, slight changes were made to one logo, and two new concepts were developed. Once again, we provided a rationale, linked keywords, and presented an animation idea.


Once approval was granted, the Outsource2Us team initiated the rebranding process and created the animated logo. As part of the rollout, we provided the fully packaged logo files to the school to facilitate the update of school signage and uniforms, among other assets.

 Additionally, we assisted Clover Hill State School in the comprehensive rollout of various materials, including business cards for the management team and administrative staff, a school brochure, and a presentation folder distributed to prospective parents. Our close collaboration with Clover Hill State School’s management team during the rebranding process has been instrumental in achieving success and emphasising the school’s commitment to ‘expect excellence.’


The process of rebranding a school brings with it a lot more than just the mechanics of a visual logo. It involves understanding the spirit and culture of the school, and being able to capture the past, present and future pathways. Outsource2Us made this project a very engaging, thoughtful and insightful one. They listened to the key stakeholders, and took the time to understand what Clover Hill stood for so that any concept they delivered told not only the story of the school; but what we hope for all future students. They were open to our feedback, and worked with such a high level of professionalism. As a community we feel proud of our school, and our new logo represents Clover Hill perfectly.

Martine Gill

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