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Elliotts is a second-generation family owned clothing manufacturing business based in Brisbane. Over the past 54 years they have built a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability with their industry peers. Elliotts Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are created specifically for workers in the metal, petrochemical, mining, emergency services and construction industries where hazards exist. Bearing the tagline “Quality Safety Gear,” it is Elliotts’ ongoing commitment to manufacturing products to meet the requirements of Australian or International Standards and to have these products certified by an independent third party that sets them apart from their competition.


Elliotts first approached Outsource2Us in 2014. They had been working with their business advisors PWC and were looking for a marketing company who was able to understand business strategy, and work with them to develop the marketing strategy to take them to the next level.


We conducted a research project across all target segments. Then developed an integrated marketing strategy including PR, digital and social media.

Since 2015 we have been providing a fully outsourced marketing team reporting to the Managing Director, to implement and constantly refine that strategy.

Our Process

Each year we develop an extensive tactical marketing plan, which sets-out the goals, KPI and deliverables for the year. This is then implemented each week by our Marketing Manager, who works on-site. Our ongoing process covers six key areas:

Onsite Support

An Outsource2Us marketing manager works onsite one day a week at the Elliotts Head Office. Working onsite alongside the Elliotts’ team provides many different benefits:

  1. Due to the technical nature of the business, being on-site allows out marketing manager to be trained by industry professionals as opposed to communicating virtually
  2. We become part of the team and really understand the business
  3. Easy relay of important, industry specific information, enabling us to confidently write specific, tailored content
  4. Efficiency, allowing us to cut out the ‘middleman’, eliminate multiple email chains and minimise phone calls.
Strategy and Planning

In addition to our yearly marketing plans, we also create campaign specific marketing and launch plans. For example; a 6month plan outlining the release of a ‘new look’ line of welding apparel, including the strategic task of creating the taglines ‘same quality, same performance, new look’ and ‘to weld and protect’.

As well as strategic planning, Outsource2Us works alongside Elliotts’ managing director, meeting on a fortnightly basis to discuss new ideas, their plausibility and how to incorporate them into the overall strategy.

Social Media

Outsource2Us have been working with Elliotts, building their social media presence for over five years. Over the years we have implemented various strategies, however the most notable have been our Facebook competitions. We have run monthly competitions, to promote Elliotts apparel on their Facebook page. One of these competitions resulted in a 50% increase in followers over four weeks.

The biggest factor we take into consideration when managing social media is consistency. Being a B2B manufacturing business, we ensure that the month’s ‘focus products’ are created and promoted in a consistent manor – showcasing the key selling points.

Content Creation

Due to Outsource2Us’ learned expertise on the safety wear industry, most specifically regarding product knowledge and industry specific language, we have been able to write content that is both beneficial and educational to workers in the industry and their distributors.

We also complete weekly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the Elliotts website, which allows Elliotts to shows its 900+ products on Google in a more prominent position.

Website Management

The on-site marketing manager has been trained on how to use the Elliotts custom coded website. We are responsible for uploading new products to the Elliotts website – creating the written content, uploading images and creating the Product Data Sheets.



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