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eNurse is one of Australia’s largest online nursing and midwife retailers. Based in Tingalpa, eNurse supplies medical equipment and apparel to customers across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to being a retailer, eNurse offers a range of its own products manufactured offshore and imported into Australia.

With over 75,000 members, eNurse is dedicated to supporting the personal and professional needs of nurses, midwives, and other healthcare providers. They also provide education, online learning resources, and events.


eNurse engaged Outsource2Us to enhance and unify their marketing strategy, consolidating their efforts into a cohesive plan, which included bringing all their marketing in-house, resulting in improved consistency and efficiency.

Our Process

We initiated the process by creating a comprehensive marketing calendar and an in-depth tactical marketing plan, which included weekly on-site support for executing strategies, providing eNurse valuable insights into their customer base, target market, and competitors, along with suggestions for implementation.

Onsite Support

We offered both on-site and off-site marketing support to administer our strategies effectively, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s needs and goals while fostering a close working relationship. Additionally, we provided an on-site graphic designer every fortnight, collaborating with the eNurse team to ensure brand consistency and an efficient approval and production process.

Strategic Planning

We delivered top-level strategic planning and advice to eNurse, comprising of a comprehensive marketing plan with a detailed 44-page analysis of their brand, including situational and competitor analysis, SWOT and USP analysis, target market identification, and potential partnership opportunities. We also provided a tactical marketing calendar outlining implementation schedules, activities, and KPI reporting to track progress.

Catalogue Creation

Outsource2Us fully managed the creation of eNurse’s quarterly eight-page catalogue, handling everything from organising and attending full-day photoshoots at various locations to collaborating with senior and junior graphic designers to produce each catalogue with original and striking designs, including unique covers and layouts.

Social Media

Outsource2Us devised a comprehensive social media management strategy encompassing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, delivering relevant and engaging content consistently throughout the week. Our approach included both organic and paid social media components. By refining the targeting of paid ads and implementing Facebook shopping to link products directly to the website, we significantly boosted revenue from Facebook and Instagram while enhancing overall website traffic and social media engagement.

Content Creation

To enhance organic ranking on search engines, Outsource2Us integrated SEO into eNurse’s strategy, leading to a rapid increase in organic traffic. Additionally, we executed an extensive email marketing campaign, implementing automated shopping cart campaigns and twice-weekly emails to the entire database, resulting in a substantial increase in email marketing revenue.

Digital Marketing

Being visible on the internet is crucial for any digital marketing strategy, and we prioritize this through SEO and Google Advertising. By refining eNurse’s Google Ads Campaign to focus on specific product lines and implementing Google Shopping, we significantly increased revenue from Google, reducing wasted spend and maximising campaign effectiveness.

Reporting & Custom Made KPIS

Outsource2Us delivered comprehensive, customised End-of-Month reports to eNurse, providing detailed insights into key marketing areas such as social media presence, email marketing, website traffic, and digital campaign updates. The reports also included progress on specific KPIs, consistently showing an upward trend each month, accompanied by actionable suggestions and recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.


Over the 12 months of collaboration with eNurse, Outsource2Us achieved remarkable results, including an all-time high in social media engagement and a considerable upturn in sales through the email marketing campaign. As a result of our efforts, eNurse experienced substantial growth as a business, offering a wider range of products and services to nurses and healthcare providers across Australia, with notable increases in average monthly revenue from EDMs (220%), revenue from Google ads ($30k/month), sales from Facebook advertising (464%), and sales from the website (102%).

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