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Since opening their first franchise in 2016, this fitness company has rapidly expanded to over 80 franchise territories, becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of boxing training, as well as offering high-performance strength training.


The company enlisted Outsource2Us to conduct quantitative research on their current and past customer base to gain insights into their preferences and perceptions of the company’s services. Through emailed surveys, we sought to understand the characteristics of repeat customers, reasons for their loyalty, and identify factors contributing to past customers canceling their membership.


The strategy involved conducting a national survey to gain insight into customer profiles and preferences, followed by an in-depth analysis of the responses to inform necessary improvements and achieve long-term customer growth. Outsource2Us collaborated with the company’s marketing manager to design an engaging survey template compatible with the email marketing system and delivered in a way that reached a broad audience. The survey incorporated a variety of question styles, including open-ended questions, to gather diverse and accurate customer feedback, and relevant incentives were offered to encourage participation, particularly from past members.


After distributing and analysing the survey data, Outsource2Us uncovered a comprehensive understanding of the customer base, revealing preferences, reasons for customer attrition, and locations with the best net promoter score. The research highlighted the importance of community engagement in the fitness experience, and the company adapted its services to include recuperation programs for injured members, preventing them from quitting and aligning their offerings with customers’ needs. Equipped with this valuable data, the client now better understands their target market and can adapt their services to ensure long-term customer engagement and satisfaction.

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