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GingerCloud Foundation

How Outsource2Us helped GingerCloud Foundation thrive and make a difference.


Outsource2Us specialises in working with Not-for-Profit organisations that make a positive difference in the community. The GingerCloud Foundation empowers, engages, and equips parents whose children learn and perceive differently to take ownership of their child’s developmental pathway. They assist families in creating their own roadmap to help their children grow, access opportunities, and reach their full potential.


Outsource2Us was first approached by GingerCloud in 2014 to provide outsourced marketing support. Since then, Outsource2Us has provided various levels of marketing support and since March 2019, we have been providing support to GingerCloud for all their marketing and communication activities, including support for their main activity – the Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

Our Process

In early 2019, when their part-time marketing coordinator moved on, Outsource2Us assumed responsibility for all the marketing and communication activities of the charity. We continued the existing activities and initiated ongoing support to enhance brand awareness and overall business growth. Our process encompasses seven primary elements:

On-site Support

At Outsource2Us, it’s our personalised approach to implementing our marketing services that sets us apart. As part of the ongoing marketing support GingerCloud receives, our Marketing Manager collaborates on-site one day each week with the Digital Marketing Manager and the Management team. This not only fosters a strong working relationship between the two teams but also allows Outsource2Us to receive instant feedback and engage in strategic planning to meet KPIs and deadlines.

Strategic Planning

We also provide strategic planning and advice to GingerCloud, which includes creating a tactical marketing plan and strategic marketing calendar which outlines the marketing activities and communications for the year. These include social media, content creations, event management, website updates, weekly newsletters and the social media advertising plan and budget.

Event Support/Management

Outsource2Us provided full marketing support for GingerCloud Foundation’s annual fundraising luncheon in 2019, contributing to event presentation collateral, graphic design services, and a comprehensive social media schedule for sharing event reminders and frequent posts. Our photographer/videographer captured content used for social media, weekly newsletters, and future events. With our assistance, the 2019 fundraiser successfully raised $60,800 for the non-profit organisation.

Social Media

Our team developed an all-inclusive social media management strategy for GingerCloud, encompassing relevant content creation and posting across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, for both GingerCloud Foundation and the Modified Rugby Program (MRP). The strategy involved consistent posting of key season dates, announcements, highlights, and game updates, while also using social media advertising to expand audience reach and build strategic alliances.

Email Marketing

Every week, Outsource2Us worked with GingerCloud to produce an email that is distributed to their entire marketing database. The eDMs included updates from the founders, upcoming events, key season information, week highlights, weekly season photos, podcasts and so much more. The newsletter is sent to over 1,000 people in the database.

Website Management

Websites are constantly evolving and require regular updates to reduce bounce rates and boost conversions. Outsource2Us’ Marketing Manager provided this support as part of her weekly on-site time. By navigating through the backend of the NOP Commerce website, she could update and revise content as needed.

Graphic Design

Over the years, we have completed a number of graphic design projects for the GingerCloud Foundation and strive to consistently promote GingerCloud’s brand and message of Inclusion.


Outsource2Us successfully achieved GingerCloud Foundation’s outlined goals, connecting with a wider audience, increasing their online following, and establishing them as an inclusion leader. With ongoing support in marketing and communication activities, Outsource2Us continues to assist GingerCloud Foundation in fulfilling their vision and addressing marketing challenges comprehensively.

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