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Lisa Preston Yoga

Building an online presence for a Toowoomba based Yoga business

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Lisa Preston is a Toowoomba based yoga and meditation teacher and has been for 7 years. She is trained in Hatha, Kundalini, Meditation, Reiki, Conscious Pregnancy & Restorative yoga. Her yoga draws on all the modalities, but especially on the Kundalini tradition, setting her practice apart from others in the area. Her aim is to create a beautiful, nurturing space to support every person in their practice.


After attending a marketing for yoga business seminar, held by Outsource2Us Director, Jane Toohey, Lisa approached Outsource2Us to get started on the branding and website for her new at-home yoga studio. Her aim was to build an online presence for her business to provide more information for her clients and build out her client base. While her initial budget was low, Outsource2Us developed a single-page website featuring fresh, newly developed branding and image curation.

Outsource2Us continues to host and manage the website, adding new content and updates when required.

Our Process

Initial Briefing

In the first meeting with Lisa, it was established that the development of a webpage was the main goal, however without any branding, Outsource2Us quickly determined that branding for her business would need to be designed first.

Potential clients and competitors were discussed to understand where Lisa Preston Yoga sets itself apart and to initially brainstorm branding and website layout ideas. By the end of the discussion, Outsource2Us had a wireframe sketched out and branding ideas ready.

Initial Design and Logo Development

In the initial design phase, the logo development was completed. Outsource2Us’ Graphic Designer built the brand identity from the ground up. This included selecting font, colour scheme and images to then create a logo.

After the font, colour palette, and logo were established, images were sourced to reflect the brand identity. As Lisa had no images of her own, so stock images with a similar colour palette and style to the established branding were chosen. The logo Outsource2Us created was a simple text-based logo using the same colour palette and font used throughout the website. This also fit into the small budget as Lisa had available while starting her business.

Website Build

The website was mapped out using Adobe XD after the brand design was established providing an interactive design which showed exactly how the user would navigate the Lisa Preston Yoga website. Once the branding was incorporated into the site wireframe, and Lisa confirmed she was happy with it, the development site was set up, WordPress was installed, and development commenced. As a simple one-page website, the process was standard. Lisa reviewed the final product, and once confirmed, the site was launched using Outsource2Us’ Australian-based hosting service.  A mobile responsiveness check and user acceptance testing were also completed.

Initial SEO

As with all websites developed with Outsource2Us, we completed initial SEO both before and after the website launched. This includes:

  • Ensuring all pages have a title tag, meta description, and H1 tags.
  • Installing schema markups onto the page to help Google understand what content is contained within the page.
  • Creating and submitting a sitemap in Google Search Console.
  • Installing Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Yoast SEO.
  • Adding alt tags to images and adding internal backlinks.


Overall, Lisa was very happy with the design and the process. She had very few changes and the project was completed on time and on budget. The creative freedom of this project set this design process apart from the rest and allowed the resident Outsource2Us Graphic Designer to play around with different stylistic choices. Lisa has returned to Outsource2Us multiple times to add new elements to the page including a blog post subpage, FAQs, and testimonials.

“I’m really happy with the website that Outsource2Us created for me. Without giving them too much direction, the website that they created was very suited to myself and my offerings. Working with Liam was easy, straight forward and a pleasure. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.”

Lisa Preston Yoga

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