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Oktoberfest Brisbane

Managing Brisbane’s largest German festival.

The Team


Oktoberfest Brisbane is an annual cultural event hosted by two Australian-German families that welcomes people of all ages to experience German culture and a taste of Bavarian life. The organisers were keen to continue to grow Oktoberfest Brisbane, needing to increase attendance at the event.

Our Process

In 2013, while an increase in numbers was paramount, so too was the continuing promotion of the authenticity of the event’s Bavarian/Germanic roots; including everything from the food and beverages to the setting and props. The aim was to increase attendance on the family days (being the Sundays) and to broaden the reach of the event to include families with children especially.

Furthermore, in 2014, we extended the positioning of Oktoberfest Brisbane to include the ‘largest German Festival’ and to focus more on the cultural aspects of the festival.

Outsource2Us managed the group of companies involved in the integrated campaign and formulated the strategy and carried out the implementation of marketing, social media and PR media relations for both 2013 and 2014: 

  • The creative development 
  • The publicity, positioning and media relations including referral partners coverage 
  • The event’s outdoor advertising and radio partnership 
  • The social media strategy, community management and eNews 
  • The social media management and Facebook advertising 
  • Media relations at the event 
  • The sponsors/partners marketing support, such as Youngcare and B&W Cabs, Food stall holders 
  • The digital advertising – adwords, display and remarketing.


The campaigns and the event were great successes. The amount and quality of media coverage achieved marked a significant increase from previous years, with media coverage totaling more than 100 published articles over a span of three months.

Social media proved to be a valuable tool for brand awareness, website referrals, and user engagement. Instagram, introduced in July 2013, performed exceptionally well and, by the end of the event that year, had over 250 followers. In the following year, by the end of the event, it had 772 followers—a 521-follower increase on Instagram. Competitions primarily ran on Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement and encourage social sharing among friends. Facebook continued to excel in website referrals, while Instagram showed the highest growth in followers. Sessions via social media to the website increased by 49.6% from April 2014 to October 2014, compared to the same period the previous year.

The integrated marketing strategy helped achieve a 26.58% increase in website visits from April to October 2014, compared to the same period the previous year. Online ticket sales also rose by 50% from the previous year.

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