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Story Cloth Connection

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The Team


Outsource2Us was approached by Tania Budd, founder of Story Cloth Connection , to create a look and feel for her new corporate identity. From the very first meeting, it was evident that our graphic designer, Alison Parks, had an immediate understanding of Tania’s inspiration, thanks to their common background in the fine arts. An instant and strong connection was formed between the client and the designer.


During the initial briefing, the client explained the process and techniques involved in creating a Story Cloth and discussed previous workshops she had conducted. Our designer aimed to create a brand that captured the earthiness and organic essence of the Cloths resulting from this beautiful technique of mark-making on canvas.

One of the inspirational images the client shared during the meeting was a cross-section of a tree trunk, revealing the tree rings within. This image symbolises the way the story cloth begins—starting in the centre, with marks radiating outward, representing the passage of time.

Given the artistic nature of the client, the design concept was presented in the form of a mood board, conveying colours and typography thoughtfully, ultimately leading to the completion of the brand identity.


From the finished corporate identity, we went to design a range of promotional materials such as a business card and a DL flyer. We are currently in the process of setting up some workshop marketing templates and collaborating with Tania in planning her social media strategy.

“It’s as if you got in to my mind and knew exactly what I wanted”

Tania Budd, founder of Story Cloth

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