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Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Case Study on Rebranding and Repositioning a Leading Private School.


Sunshine Coast Grammar School is a co-educational, Christian independent school catering for the complete education of children from Prep to Year Twelve.

The School is situated on 88 acres of natural rainforest at Mons Road, Forest Glen, at the base of Buderim mountains.


Sunshine Coast Grammar School affectionately known as “Grammar” has enjoyed substantial growth since its establishment in 1997. Whilst in their tenth year the school’s executive committee recognised the need to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to solidify the School’s positioning and vision to be school of choice on the Sunshine Coast, offering quality education in a Christian environment.


After initial discussions with the School’s Headmaster, a branding workshop took place involving the Executive Committee and all stakeholders. The workshop focused on defining the School’s ethos, values, uniqueness, competitors, and future plans. It was discovered that the School’s “academic care” philosophy was highly valued within the community and set them apart. Additionally, the School’s house colors garnered immense pride among stakeholders.

Emphasising the house colors and the “Strength of Purpose” positioning, which stemmed from core values like respect, care, trust, empathy, and integrity, became a central theme across internal and external collateral. New business materials, including a 10th-anniversary yearbook, were developed to showcase the School’s achievements. A comprehensive style guide was also created to ensure consistent and proper use of the new branding across various communication channels for both current and prospective families.


A role for a Marketing Manager, responsible for the day-to-day marketing operations was identified and defined which has now been filled. This team approach ensures the day-to-day operational tactics are implemented and the School’s positioning as a leading School is enhanced and market share increased.

Marketing strategies such as implementing Open Days and regular community events were recommended and implemented. Alliances were reviewed and recommendations made to partner with the Australian Institute of Company Directors to further the School’s relationship with the business community.

The School also sponsored the Sunshine Coast Daily’s Newspapers in Education initiative, which again enhances the School’s local community involvement, as well as assisting in providing educational resources to classrooms throughout the North Coast. Negotiations are presently under way with the Sunshine Coast Daily regarding a joint academic scholarship for a promising local student to join the Sunshine Coast Grammar School student community.


Summed up by Nigel Fairbairn CEO/Headmaster of Sunshine Coast Grammar School the future looks promising:

“Through our close partnership with Hilary Knights we have solidified our School’s branding and strengthen our position within the School community and beyond. We can now move forward implementing the marketing strategies and tactics with our new Marketing Manager under the continued professional guidance and strategic assistance of Hilary Knights.”

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