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The Montessori Farm

Building Engagement, Securing Enrollments, and Establishing Brand Equity in a Competitive Market.


The centre is located on six acres of beautiful farmland and combines the traditional Montessori education approach with modern facilities led by highly-qualified educators who are licenced to care for up to 142 children per day. The centre owners reached out to Outsource to Us in July 2018 to create an effective marketing campaign to generate strong engagement with the local community and interest in the centre, in the lead up to its opening date in Mid 2019.

Attendance at childcare centres has increased considerably over the past decade and is forecasted to continue, bringing new players to enter the industry including our client, The Montessori Farm Early Learning Centre. Located in the Gold Coast region where both market saturation and competition are high, it was cruical for the centre to provide a unique early learning service with a point of difference.


The Outsource2Us team used a mix of social media marketing, community engagement, content creation, website design and branding to create a cohesive and effective marketing communications strategy. With the centre set to open in the next few months, Outsource2Us, continued to provide support to the Montessori Farm for all their marketing and communication activities.

Our Process

Our process begins with creating an integrated and tactical marketing plan which combined both digital campaigns with traditional marketing solution. From this marketing strategy, three KPIs were outlined, including: 

  • Creating awareness and increasing engagement to build a strong online community.
  • Securing enrolments by ensuring families had an extremely positive experience with the centre, leading to increased word of mouth.
  • Maintaining consistent branding across all elements of the centre to increase brand equity within the community and to stand out from competition.

The process can be broken down into five key elements: 

Social Media

Our team implemented an extensive social media strategy, utilising various engaging posts to connect with potential families and foster positive community engagement, with geotargeted posts and changeable banners to maintain and expand online interest and drive traffic to the website.

Community Engagement

To foster a strong community spirit at The Montessori Farm, Outsource2Us implemented various offline community engagement strategies, including distributing over 35,000 promotional flyers, establishing a local presence at shopping centers, forming reciprocal marketing relationships with local businesses and schools, and organising on-site visits for potential families to build positive relationships and increase word of mouth.

Content Creation

The Montessori Farm’s new content focused on sharing knowledge and collaborating with families, leading to informative and educational social media posts and media releases published in local news outlets as part of their strategic marketing plan to reach potential families and supporters. Additionally, a strong emphasis was placed on using fresh visual content, including images and videos, to engage the wider community and showcase the center’s points of interest.

Website Design

To build trust and relationships with potential families, we conducted a digital advertising campaign using Google and Facebook advertising to increase brand awareness. We Geo-targeting to capture users actively searching for childcare services, while Facebook ads reached those who had previously shown interest in childcare, helping secure monthly enquiries from a diverse market of potential Your ELC families.


 Outsource2Us focused on consistent branding for The Montessori Farm by working with an interior designer and the client to develop a cohesive brand image, creating high-quality image renders and a centre flythrough for marketing and promotional collateral to engage families and enhance brand equity. The design team also recreated the enrolment pack with a standout folder and parent handbook, along with various branded collateral such as pull-up banners, fence signs, and promotional flyers to promote the centre’s updates and activities.


Our integrated marketing campaign was extremely successful in securing over 140 waitlist applications and over 70 enquiries before the centre opening. Some of our other results include:

Together with the incredible team of staff at The Montessori Farm, Outsource2Us was able to achieve all three of the outlined KPIs.

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