Businesses Driving a Difference Event

Businesses Driving a Difference: A CSR Event with a Twist

At Outsource to Us, we believe that CSR is about much more than donating money. Businesses have the power to create opportunities for those in need, be it by mentoring a new business owner, employing someone with a disability, or joining a club that uses members’ skills and connections to create positive change. On August 22nd, we are facilitating an event that will give businesses an opportunity to network with remarkable people and to learn some meaningful ways to practice CSR beyond simply writing a cheque to a charity.

How To Run A Successful Corporate Event

No matter what size or style your upcoming event may be – whether it be a product launch, board meeting or end of year Christmas Function, all corporate events require supreme organisation, creativity and a high level of attention to detail. Events are a great way for businesses to share key messages with an engaged audience, while increasing brand awareness and profile. Outsource to Us have been helping their clients plan and run corporate events since their inception in 2011, and so have compiled a list of a few key tips on how run a successful corporate event