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Childcare Marketing Tips for Using Video at Your Early Learning Centre

Outsource2Us provides some key tips for using videos to attract families to your Early Learning Centre.

Keeping in constant communication with families is essential to any early learning centre. Videos are a great medium to build trust and strengthen the bond you have with your families. But taking videos are not as easy as just ‘point, shoot and upload’. We’ve put together 3 great tips to ensure you get the best possible videos to promote your centre.

1. Storytelling and Value-making

Videos are able to convey stories with greater meaning than just text alone. They show movement, life, emotion and interaction. Posting constant videos to your social media platforms will allow you to showcase your services and the atmosphere in your centre to its full potential. Planning your video allows you to think about what emphasizes your centre’s offerings. For example, a video to promote caring educators may show interactions between smiling children with educators during an activity. Videos also have the ability to showcase to potential parents all the activities your centre does, that may be different from other centres.

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2. Getting the Technicalities Right
Lighting and Environment

With years of experience working with childcare centres, we know that families search for a cheerful and bright environment to place their children in. Your videos have the ability to speak a lot about the teaching environment. A helpful tip is to film when the weather is sunny and clear. Colours in the centre become more vibrant and the faces of those included in the video become crisper.


Parents want to know as much information as possible and a video should do exactly that, but keep in mind that we want to keep a video under 90seconds. Lengthy videos tend to lose its effect, parents and families will click out, missing out on what you have to say. That is why planning is important, listing out shots and how many seconds they take prior to the shoot is how a good video is produced. A key tip is to include what is most attractive first.

Audio Consideration

Choosing the right audio format that matches nicely with your video is proven to make your videos more engaging and delightful. If you are making a quick introduction video, catchy background music will capture their attention. There are websites that offer royalty free music – we love BenSound. Whereas a video introducing educators might want to include voiceovers or speeches so that they get a chance to say hi to the parents. Using an external microphone ensures you have higher quality audio compared to using built-in microphones.

3. Editing and Production

Unedited videos will often have things that you wish weren’t there. This is the stage where you put everything together to create one cohesive and engaging video. Using a platform such as iMovie (which you can download onto your phone), allows you to easily cut together as many clips as you need, and edit out those bits you don’t like to make sure your video is mistake-free, catchy and concise. Video-editing is a tricky job that is time and energy consuming. Partnering with a professional childcare marketing company with experienced video-editors will save you the hassle.

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