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Consumers don’t have Short Attention Spans, they have Short Interest Spans

Outsource2Us unpacks a new study that addresses consumers’ social media habits.

With the increased use of digital and social media services, Australians are spending over 40% of their waking hours online.

A study by “We Are Social” has uncovered some game-changing statistics in its Digital 2021 report that evaluated Australian user’s internet activity in January 2021. Outsource2Us has unpacked some of their key findings and given insight into how you can implement them into your social media management campaigns.

Firstly, the report discovered that consumers don’t have short attention spans, they have short interest spans.

Businesses must capture consumers’ attention in the first few seconds of contact, or they won’t engage. Marketing content can no longer just look nice, it needs to mean something to users.

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Gone are the days of suspense in social media marketing, where you left the most important information to last. Consumers won’t wait. The content you share needs to get straight to the point and capture their interest in the first few moments so that they read on. If you have produced a video that is promoting an event, sale or new product, say that within the first few seconds of the video, or else the viewer will just switch off, discarding it as irrelevant.

Effective social media management is a crucial part of ensuring a successful marketing campaign. Creating captivating content is one thing but it requires continuous observation and assessment to ensure it is achieving the desired outcome, engaging with readers and having an impact.

75% of users watch videos on mute.

Does your business use video content in its social media marketing campaign? If so, it might be time to introduce subtitles to your videos. Businesses put a lot of time and money into creating engaging video content that gets their desired message across, but is it working? Adding subtitles minimises the risk of users not understanding the message and purpose of the video, also if they are watching without sound, they can still follow the content. If this task seems daunting to you, Outsource2us perform social media management in Brisbane and Nationally for all kinds of clients. This could perhaps be the best option for you and your business.

65.4% of Australia’s internet users used Facebook Messenger in January 2021.

Consider having a messenger pop up on your business’s website for consumers to communicate with you. Facebook Messenger was the 3rd most used social media app by Australian users in January 2021, with 65.4% of internet users interacting on the platform.

YouTube is the most used video streaming app.

YouTube is the most used video streaming app by Australian users in January 2021. This means, Australian internet users, watched more video content on YouTube than any other video streaming service, such as Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and Twitch.

Advertising on YouTube could be a highly effective channel for your business to use in reaching your target audience. It is important to note that Google Ads costs the same as YouTube Ads, as they are owned by the same parent company. When considering YouTube as an advertising option, potential budgetary constraints must be assessed, in terms of what channel is best for your business to reach its advertising goals.

These decisions are not easy, having social media management in Brisbane, or Nationally, through a marketing agency, lessens this burden. Outsource2Us has qualified and experienced professionals that work with clients to ensure their marketing goals are achieved.

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