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Three Key Steps to Creating the Perfect Landing Page

For any organisation, landing pages are often a client’s first point of contact. A stellar landing page is essential in providing a targeted message to your customers and driving conversions.

A landing page is the first page of your website that your clients will arrive at after clicking on an ad. They are tailored to specific offers and are absolutely essential in converting visitors into leads, with an average conversion rate up to 15% higher than that of an average homepage. Think of your landing page as your first business pitch to a potential client: it’s what compels them to trust you with their business.

Creating The Perfect Landing Page

There is no exact blueprint for a perfect landing page. However, Outsource to Us has been in the website development and digital marketing scene for many years and have created the top three tips for creating the perfect landing page:

1. Headlines, Headings, and Calls to Action

A powerful headline is an absolute must when it comes to creating an effective landing page. The headline will be the first thing your customers will see, it works to capture their attention and persuade them to explore your landing page further. An effective headline will clearly describe the benefits of your product or service and convince your customers to follow through. Including a clear secondary headline will allow you to give any further information, as well as help to improve your ranking in search engine results. Importantly, your landing page should also include a clear ‘call to action’ – an opt-in form, contact form, or download button that allows your customers to ‘follow through’. Remember to outline exactly which steps need to be taken.

2. Professionalism and Proof

No matter the industry, proof of professionalism will always create trust with your customers and, therefore, increase levels of engagement. This can be as simple as ensuring consistently correct spelling and grammar. Again, your landing page is your customer’s first impression of your organisation – so proofread your page for any errors! Another useful tool in building trust within your customer base is to include testimonials, security badges, or even a list of notable clients. Providing proof of your organisation’s professionalism ensures that you are able to put your best virtual foot forward.

3. Keep it Pretty

It’s a known fact that, no matter how engaging your text may be, your customers will be drawn to visuals. Images or video files will not only demonstrate your service’s or product’s benefit engagingly but actually subconsciously create conversions. In fact, studies have shown that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%!

Additionally, including colourful imagery will make for a more visually appealing page and better user experience. Experts from various different industries will tell you that different colours can be used to convey different moods, and even psychologically influence people – so use this to your advantage!

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Using these three tips, you can ensure that your landing page will be clear, appealing, and, most importantly, create conversions. At Outsource to Us, we offer full website development, graphic design, and hosting services to ensure that your message is articulated to your audience with professionalism and success.

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