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Digital Marketing: What’s Involved And How To Stop Wasted Spend

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Most businesses today engage in some form of digital marketing, but, as we often see with our clients at Outsource2Us, they struggle on finding the perfect balance between SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and social media that works for them. Some business owners believe that digital marketing is a task that can easily be done as an extra item on their daily to-do list. However, it is such a complex subject, and the limited screen space makes it so competitive, that for it to be done well, businesses need to spend quite a bit of time on it. Businesses need to go further than simply having a social media page, a website and some ads in place if they want to outperform their competitors.
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The Numbers
In 2014, digital marketing accounted for about a third of businesses’ marketing and advertising budgets. This number is expected to grow to over 75% by the end of the decade. Of your digital marketing budget, it was common to spend about half of it on SEO and 30% of it on Display Ads. The remaining 20% would be split between Social Media and Mobile. We know now, from the traffic we see visiting our client sites, that well over half the traffic is coming from mobile, and that organic content is being deprioritised. We also know that by 2019 Search Engine Marketing will be the largest share of online spend.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-off fix, and it determines your website’s performance. And as search engine algorithms are constantly being updated and changed, you need to be constantly working on your website to make sure it is optimised to the latest requirements. However, given the way organic content is slowly being deprioritised, this becomes a supporting part of your strategy, helping strengthen the other elements of your digital marketing plan, no longer consuming 50% of your time and budget. Most organisations began optimising years ago, and the maturity of their sites means that their cumulative results are becoming clear. If you are late to the party on optimising, it is a must do as soon as possible as it is a process that takes some time to yield results. To get started in SEO, we recommend using free online tools to check things like your website load speed, and you can also get Outsource2Us to conduct a FREE Digital Check-up, which includes an SEO audit.
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Pay-per-click Advertising
While SEO is fundamental to any digital marketing campaign, it isn’t enough to reach target audiences – the paid advertising era has taken over. Companies around the world are strategising to be the first thing you see in search, to have ads follow you around the internet and to be in front of you as you trawl social media. And if you’re not there, your competitors certainly will be and you have lost your opportunity to communicate with your customers. Pay-per-click advertising can bring in results a lot quicker than SEO, simply because it is not limited to your website being cached by Google. This, however, means that there is a lot more to manage in the short term. Making sure that you are always dynamically adapting your Adgroup list, and keywords within your Adgroups is an effective way of managing your keywords, and their associated costs. Rather than having one Adgroup with many keywords, we recommend having many Adgroups, with a few keywords in each of them, utilising the three keyword modifiers; Phrase, Broad, and Exact match. This way you can clearly understand the cost per modifier and later on, look at the cost per conversion. This will give you the opportunity to look at the definitive cost, relate that to your budget, and work out how much volume you can bring in. When managing keywords, it is vital to be constantly looking at the search term report, as this is your keyword treasure trove. Here you will find keywords that have to be added as negative keywords, preserving your daily budget by cutting out irrelevant traffic. Adding new keywords is equally essential, sorting by either; impressions, clicks, or conversions is a good indication of performance. Don’t be afraid to pause keywords, it is important to look at your ROI per keyword, and setting a stop loss, otherwise, you will have a keyword list that is unproductive.
Content Marketing and Personalised Content
In an era of personalisation, it is essential to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. This has never been easier to do, thanks to digital and data, but it puts a lot of pressure on content creators, as the volume and complexity of content needed to support business growth increases at a quicker rate than budgets. Content marketing, especially personalised content, is a great way to engage with your audience. It’s been done for a while, and it’s effective both with B2C and B2B marketing. While investing time and money to ensure content created is of high quality is crucial for the success of a content marketing campaign, distribution is also a very important part of the mix if you wish to get your audience to share your content. The good news is that if your campaign is successful, you’ll get a lot of earned media, which reaches a lot of people and won’t cost you anything.
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Social Media
While social media pages and accounts are free, to use them effectively, you need to be constantly active and you need to produce top-notch content. So make sure you have room in your marketing budget to get the most out of these tools.
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