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Driving Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

Outsource2Us outlines 4 tips for encouraging users to click through to your website from social media.

First Published: August, 2014
Update: June, 2023

Since its inception, social media has drastically changed the way businesses communicate with their consumers. These platforms provide a valuable tool for building relationships with your customers and improving your brand awareness. However, all the social media marketing in the world is pointless if you can’t convert users into customers.

This then poses the question: How do you turn your social media fan base into website visitors? As experts in social media management in Brisbane, we’ve written three easy tips for directing your social media audience to your business’s website.

1. Build and engage your audience

62% of Australians will trust a brand more if they are actively engaging on social media with their customers, and building a loyal audience comes down to quality content. Your content should be fresh and relevant to your target market – look around at what’s trending on your platforms and look for topics that are already building conversation.

You should also use social media as an opportunity to give your customers a behind-the-scenes view of your business – celebrations and stories will give your content a human touch that is relatable to your target market.

In terms of graphic design and multimedia, don’t forget about the importance of effective visuals! This will grab the reader’s attention from the moment they land on your social media page – think reels, polls, interesting infographics, etc., which can be shared by your audience. If you need help creating engaging content, contact Outsource2us; we’re the experts in social media management in Brisbane.

Finally, don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with your followers. Social Media is all about connecting with your audience and creating two-way communication. Make sure you reply to comments, encourage sharing, and ask for your audience’s opinions.

2. Include a call to action in your content

Perhaps the most important aspect in driving users to your website is including a call to action on all posts. Whether it’s for audiences to find more information, enter a competition on your website, or take advantage of a sales special, make sure you provide users with a reason to go to your website. Remember, ALWAYS check that your link directs them to the correct page!

3. Include links back to your website

The most important thing to include on your social media posts is a link back to your website. Make it easy for audiences to find your website by including clear links and hyperlinked images/icons. A great option to help the efficiency of this on non-linking apps such as Instagram is to include a ‘link in bio’, which can be referred to in posts.

4. Get a professional opinion

If you’re unsure where to start with your social media marketing or are struggling to produce conversions to your website, it always pays to have a professional assist you. If you’re looking for social media management in Brisbane, contact the experts at Outsouce2Us.

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Meredith Melvin
Meredith Melvin

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