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The Holistic Approach to Business Reporting

Providing Holistic Marketing Performance Reports To Make Better Business Decisions

Business Reporting is an essential tool as it provides stakeholders with key data and information to make management decisions. Reports are generally used when there is a large amount of information to be communicated to for a specific purpose. Our overall marketing reporting process provides a platform to analyse performance against strategic objectives and so gauging ROI.
Good Business Reporting
When it comes to end of month reporting it’s important to look at the marketing performance holistically. That is, review and interpret available data across all the marketing platforms and provide strategic recommendations moving forward into the next month. Good business reporting should not only provide the route to positive results, but also provide a transparent look at actual performance over a period of time. Month on month, year on year. At Outsource to Us we strive to interpret and communicate data in a concise report, highlighting the most relevant information for specific business decision makers. We ensure all available data from Social Media platforms, Google Analytics, other tools and Digital Media is imported and analysed to populate the report. Our reports utilise visual data representations to clarify the messages communicated and assist with quicker consumption of the information presented. Graphical data provides clients with a clear picture of current campaigns and a comparative assessment of month on month performance.

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Jane Toohey
Jane Toohey
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