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How a Customer Survey can Transform your Business

Outsource2Us speaks on the benefits of digital market research for your business in the form of customer surveys.

Understanding the needs of your customers is essential for gaining insight into how to grow your business. A customer feedback survey is a valuable digital market research tool that can help in developing a more satisfying service or product for your customers. At Outsource2Us, we specialise in creating customer surveys and analysing the responses. Here are three tips based on our experience, to utilise this digital marketing tool to improve your business.

Creation of Ideas

The digital world moves fast and it’s important your business stays ahead of the competition. Your business can test new ideas and products and put data insights behind these, whilst also uncovering early insights about where your industry is heading. Testing these ideas allows your business to make the necessary changes to meet your customer’s needs. You can also use the data to gauge how happy customers are with current products and services. In a world where consumers have everything at their fingertips and an endless array of options, knowing what your customer wants has never been more important.

Get to Know your Audience

One of the most beneficial insights from customer surveys is understanding what business values and messages are important to your customers. You need to know who your customers are and what their preferences are, enabling you to create tailored messages that are relevant to them. Survey data gives you the ability to uncover insights about specific groups of customers, such as people in a certain age group living in a particular geographic area.

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Customer Engagement and Feedback

If you’re wondering how to serve your customers better, all you need to do is ask. Customer surveys allow you to hone in on what customers really want. Engaging directly with the customer through a survey is an easy way to get feedback and insight on their personal customer experience. You can then take this feedback and make changes accordingly. Customer surveys also often reflect positively on the business because you are showing your customers that you want their feedback and want to improve. It gives them a chance to be heard.

In terms of feedback, re-engaging with past customers is a great way to unearth some honest truths about your business. Think about it, if you can gain a thorough understanding of why a customer has left, you can make the changes required to help prevent it from happening again. This type of feedback is a little harder to obtain, it will more than likely require a give and take situation. Consider offering incentives to past customers to participate in the survey. The offering could benefit the past customer and also your business, potentially even providing a way to re-engage with them and win back their business. Some examples of mutually beneficial offerings are a discount on a product or service you are offering or a free consultation session.

One of our recent clients, a Brisbane based recruitment company, had great results from undergoing digital market research with Outsource2Us:

“In the initial meeting, Jane and her team took the time to really understand us and the outcomes we were looking for. We were kept up to date throughout and felt confident in what was being done. Overall, we were very impressed with the up-to-date research which helped inform our immediate business decisions. The report we received was detailed and had some value-add bonuses, which we were not expecting but greatly appreciated. We highly recommend the team.”

If you think you would like to hear what your customers have to say and do some digital market research, Outsource2Us can assist you with our expertise in market research services including customer surveys.

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