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How Pinterest Can Be Useful For Your Company

Social media – with so many to choose from, which one is right for your business?

Lately, it has been difficult to ignore the fact that companies of all shapes and sizes have been jumping on the social media bandwagon with increasing enthusiasm.

Nowadays, it is rare to go onto a company’s website and not be showered with a range of social media options; Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds, blog posts, LinkedIn Pinterest, Instagram…

So which social media should your company choose? All of them? Just one? Or is that digital suicide?!? ARGH!

Social media outlets allow a way of keeping prospective and current clients up to date with the different aspects of the company. As well as, provide a platform for listening and networking, and generally encourages communication from companies to customers, their staff and competitors.

But do you follow the thousands of companies who have chosen and saturated the ‘catch all’ social channels, or do you take a punt and sign up to niche avenues to share your latest products?

Take Pinterest for example, this image-based platform is a simple concept where users create and name Boards as anything they like, such as Places I’d Like to Visit, Recipes or My Wedding, and then post relevant photos to their Boards. Users then categorise Boards under one of the 32 general Pinterest categories. Users can then follow one another based on shared interests.

How to take advantage of Pinterest

But how can brands and companies utilise this platform for their benefit? Here are tips as to how companies can take advantage of Pinterest:

  • Get your products on there and start sharing!
  • Pin from various sources rather than one specific site – keep it interesting and don’t just self promote.
  • Repin from within the site to engage with others – repinning is one of the most social activities on Pinterest and it’s how any user really builds his/her network of followers.
  • Comment on pins you like and share ideas with users.
  • Create a few boards that cover a broad range of interests, rather than maintaining a single board devoted to one topic – this will encourage a wider following.

But remember not every social media platform is right for every business. Choose carefully and make sure you have a digital and social media strategy in place before you jump into it. If you don’t, get in touch so we can help you make sense of the ever-changing social platforms!

At Outsource2Us, we can help you getting your social media for your business up and running before you know it! Talk to our social media guru’s today!

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Natasha Zoller
Natasha Zoller
Natasha is our Digital Marketing Manager. She specialises in social media planning and implementation, digital marketing, content marketing, and newsletter writing, event management, WordPress website and app content management.Meet Natasha

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