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How to Ask Your Customers for Reviews

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Outsource2Us explains how business owners can effectively ask their customers to leave reviews.   

If a customer is seeking the services or products of a business that they have never used before, they are likely going to research that business on Google prior to engaging with it. Upon doing so, the customer will be able to see the Google reviews and overall rating of the business, making it vital that business owners encourage their customers to leave positive reviews.

Customer reviews of any kind, whether through Google or an alternative platform, will help boost the online presence of your business, as well as provide you with valuable insight into how your customers feel about your business or how it could be improved.

If you are a business owner and are unsure of how to ask your customers for reviews or how to facilitate them, we have compiled a few tips and strategies that we believe are effective based on our experience providing marketing services in Brisbane.

Ask at an appropriate time

When looking to ask your customers for a review, the timing of this can make all the difference. We have found that the best time to ask for a review is immediately after the customer has interacted with your product or service so that the experience is fresh in their mind.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the customer has had a positive experience. If they have not, it may not be beneficial to ask for a review until their concerns have been sufficiently addressed. In contrast, if you have just had a positive interaction with a customer, this would be the perfect time to ask them to leave a review.  

Use personalised communication 

With automated messages becoming an increasingly common form of communication used by businesses, a good way to set your business apart is to use personalised messaging. For example, this could include addressing the customer by their name, mentioning specific interactions you may have had with them and asking feedback questions customised to their experience.

If you are looking to further build your customer relationships through personalised email marketing campaigns, as a marketing service in Brisbane, we can help you out!

Make it easy 

Overcomplicating the review process will only deter your customers from leaving a review. Sending your customers an easily accessible link via email or text message or having a scannable QR code available in-store will allow your customers to easily leave a review, making it more likely that they will do so.

Provide incentives and follow-up where needed

Another way to encourage your customers to leave a review is to provide an incentive for doing so. Incentives could include a discount on a product or service, a free product or service, or the chance to win something, to name a few examples.

On occasion, customers may forget or miss your request for them to leave a review, in which case it is appropriate to send them a reminder. You should, however, make sure that you are not overwhelming your customers with too many follow-ups – one to two follow-up messages are sufficient. 

Show appreciation for feedback received

Lastly, once the customer has left a review, it is important that your business engages with this review to demonstrate to your customers that you value their patronage and their feedback.

If you’re looking for marketing services in Brisbane or ways to boost customer engagement reach out to us at Outsource2Us today to speak to one of our marketing experts!

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