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How to Ensure Creativity Survives in Your Business

It is so important to ensure the people in your business continually generate great ideas, whether in order to clearly communicate what is so special about your business or to actually generate the latest offer that will excite your target market.

Often business owners say they want creativity in their marketing communications, yet they are the very ones that suppress it. Great creative comes from a very clear brief but then time allowed for the creative person to spend researching and bringing the creative idea to life. Delivering a 10 minute brief over the phone and expecting top class results the next day at the cheapest possible price is not the way. Like anything, the result directly correlates with the time and effort put in. Often the best way is to hold a creative workshop to get everyone’s input, as one idea can quickly spark another. Involve everyone as the quietest member of the team can ignite a chain of thought that takes everyone into new territory.
Brainstorm With The Team
Sometimes a great creative idea is born within minutes yet at other times can take days. What fuels great creative is the process of exploring multiple possibilities and approaches instead of dogmatically pursuing a single line of thought to reach a solution. To effectively do this, one has to brainstorm with the creative team and then develop the best two or three concepts. Sometimes it is not until the stage of visual exploration, of an idea coming to life in pictures, that one can see if it fully meets a brief, if it really does generate the emotional reaction you want it to. The holy grail is the perfect fusion of the visual expression with the written word, which again takes a deep understanding of what the goal of the communication really is and then working creatively with multiple ideas to express a core theme. So, the next time you want to develop a dynamic, cut-through piece of marketing, give your team the time they need to really be creative.

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Jane Toohey
Jane Toohey
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