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How to Gain More Engagement on your Social Media

It’s well known that simply having an online presence does not immediately mean you and your business will go viral. But how do you grow your channel, engagement with the right target marketing, and be recognised by consumers? Here are our tips to aid in boosting engagement on your social media channels.

Consistency is key

Every social media platform operates differently, and as such your Facebook posts should be different from your Instagram or Twitter posts. Each of these platforms operates with a different technical style, such as Instagram’s focus on visual design and Twitter’s short sharp interface; your posts should follow along with the general style of the social media platform. Despite these differences, there needs to be consistency across your posts. This consistency shows your followers that you’re conscious of the online world and its complexity and aware of your followers’ broad range of likes and dislikes.

Moreover, just because you are posting across your platforms doesn’t mean that you are engaging with your followers. With modern social media tools, it is easy to gain an understanding of who is liking what and why they like it. Investigating what your followers are liking and then developing posts that follow those trends is a simple way to boost user engagement. This level of consistency shows your followers that your businesses works toward reliability, professionalism and creativity.

Don’t leave them hanging

Most businesses in the modern world will have an online profile, whether it be 10 social media accounts or just one, these accounts have some fantastic affordances that they can offer. Instant messaging offers a fantastic channel to gain feedback in real-time; however, instant messaging also presents another problem that could be devastating slow response times. Not responding for too long can result in a negative impression on the client and drive them away from your business.

Some tips to combat this include never being the one to end the conversation, attempt to keep the user talking with questions, asking for specifics, and general conversation. This will show the user that you have a general interest in them and their needs. However, we understand that instantly responding is not always possible, but Facebook has some unique technical affordances to set up automated responses to get a response when you can’t.

Engaging with your online followers does not end with just messaging or keeping consistent there are dozens of other methods that will aid in securing your followers and helping to engage with new people. Visit our Social Media Management page to get some more helpful tips when it comes to engaging with your audience.

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Natasha Zoller
Natasha Zoller
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