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Knowing How to Market Your Business

Outsource2Us Speaks on How to Optimise Your Businesses Marketing Materials.

You might not see the importance of investing in a good company brochure, promotional flyer, or professional business card, but without quality marketing materials like these, your business‘s amazing product or service, company branding or advertising campaigns might all be going to waste.

Why are Marketing Materials Important:

Marketing materials (or collateral) are more than just a way to communicate with your customers, they also create brand consistency. A study by Adobe showed that brand consistency in marketing communication could lead to an average revenue increase of 23%.

Additionally, being prepared for when potential or current clients ask for your business’s brochure or flyer threads into that idea of brand consistency. If your business is prepared and organised with its marketing materials, then that will transcend across the rest of the business’s brand identity. Marketing materials also enable word of mouth marketing (WOMM), when your clients want to refer you, it makes it so much easier for them to do as such.

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Know your Market

Do your research. Marketing materials can come in different forms and knowing who your target audience is and what their preferences are in terms of consuming content is key to having a successful business marketing strategy. Information about your business’s offerings should be extremely easily accessible to your target audience. Have your business on the platforms your target audience are on and speak to them in a way that resonates with them, meets their needs and wants, and encourage brand loyalty. For example, does your target audience prefer print, digital, or a combination of both when consuming marketing materials? Are they on social media and if so, which platforms?

If you are targeting a younger demographic, research shows that a digital approach would be more effective than print. The alternative can be said about older demographic baby boomers, with the preference for printed materials that they can pick up and read. Knowing your target audience minimises the likelihood of your business wasting valuable time, money, and resources in misdirected marketing, which falls on deaf ears and hence is not effective in reaching its target audience.

Seeking professional guidance on your business‘s marketing strategy is important to ensure accuracy and effective ROI. The team at Outsoruce2Us are highly experienced professionals and marketers who can assist with all your business‘s marketing needs and know how to match the best marketing approach to your business goals.

Seek Professional Help

Even if you are a self-proclaimed design wizard having your own skills in your business, it is still important to seek an expert for all your designs and when pulling together your marketing material needs. Hiring a design and marketing professional ensures your brand identity is cohesive and attention-grabbing across all design aspects of your business. Brand cohesion assists in making a positive first impression, increasing sales, and builds building brand recognition, and helps differentiate your business from competitors.

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Natasha Zoller
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