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How to Optimise your LinkedIn

Outsource2us explains how to optimise your LinkedIn Business profile.


Despite being around since 2003, many of us still haven’t optimised our LinkedIn profiles. Whether it’s your business profile or your personal one, there are a few steps that you can take today that will make all the difference for your brand and professional identity.

1. Interesting and valuable content

It might sound simple, but one of the best ways to generate attention is by delivering or sharing quality content. Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn rewards content creators who regularly receive high levels of engagement. For small businesses and individuals, the best way to get the attention of the algorithm is through reactions and conversations on your posts. Try to include pictures and media content, as posts with these elements generally receive more attention than just plain text. To deliver content that resonates with your audience you will need to identify the goals and targets for your brand and find a way to deliver content that reflects and furthers them. The most successful brands and individuals on LinkedIn lean into this concept and deliver content that emphasises their points of difference and personality.

2. Include relevant keywords

Keywords used in LinkedIn profiles contribute to your SEO strategy. Businesses that update all the information on their profile pages receive up to 30% more weekly views than businesses with incomplete profile pages. Including the right keywords gives your content the best possible chance to be seen by potential connections and customers and ensures the articles and content can be found both through LinkedIn and Google.

3. Expand your network

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. It has been designed around the idea of turning casual business encounters into actionable leads and useful connections. Despite this, many people will forget, or feel self-conscious, about asking to connect on LinkedIn. This is a limiting attitude and will actively harm the growth of your business and personal profile. If you feel uncomfortable about your LinkedIn profile, just remember the purpose it is serving. Unlike other forms of social media, LinkedIn reflects your work identity, not your personal, private self. The most effective use of social media is like casting a net. By wading into the waters, by putting yourself out there, you might capture the attention of a broad range of professions and industries, both inside and outside of your target audience. It can be scary, and often cold, but it’s far better than sitting on the shore, passively hoping a lead washes up. To reap the benefits of social media, you need to be active and constantly expanding your reach.

4. Encourage engagement from your followers

There are many features available on LinkedIn that encourage your connections to engage with your content. Whether it’s creating a poll, joining conversations through hashtags or hosting LinkedIn events, if you are trying to cultivate an active community of followers you need to take advantage of these features. Polls are a great way to generate easy-to-interact with content that also provides valuable information about the values and beliefs of your audience.

Also, let your close contacts know when you have a new post or article up and encourage them to like and share it. If you do it for each other (i.e. share their posts too) everyone wins.

LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals at every stage of their careers. Whether it’s marketing your business, or building your personal brand, a fully optimised and engaging LinkedIn profile can be the vehicle for new business and opportunities.

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Natasha Zoller
Natasha Zoller
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