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Three Ways to Stay Relevant on Social Media in 2021

Outsource2Us shares three social media tips to stay relevant in 2021.

Staying relevant on social media in 2021 means being adaptable to rapidly changing trends in the online environment. Implementing a strong social media strategy is essential in developing a strong brand identity and connecting with customers. Continue reading to find out our three top tips for having an effective social media management strategy in 2021, and how it will help you stay up to date and keep your business’s social media engaging.

1. Live Streaming

Are you wanting to connect your brand to consumers in real-time? Social media live streaming is a tool that will allow you to build trust and engagement with viewers and receive instant feedback. Implementing live streams as part of your social media strategy is an effective way to branch out and stay relevant across numerous platforms. With the ability to stream across different platforms at once, reaching a greater audience has never been easier. This is a great strategy for promotion, brand storytelling, and growing brand awareness.

2. Purpose-driven Campaigns

In 2021, it has become increasingly important for businesses to support and share their mission through their social media management strategy. The team at Outsource2Us, recommends sharing purpose-driven campaigns to emphasise what your business stands for. By sharing content that reflects your mission, it allows your audience to find common ground with your brand. Many people see social media as a place where opinions are shared, and transparency is valued. It is important to know when and how to engage with sensitive issues, if done well, your brand will stay relevant and respected in an oversaturated online environment.

Gone are the days where consumers brought from a business just because they liked its products or services, consumers want to know a business’s purpose, why it is in business, what deeper need is it trying to fulfill in consumers lives. With so many options, consumers can now afford to be picky, so make sure they pick you.

3. Staying Active

Posting engaging and interactive content regularly, across social media platforms, is essential for your business to stay relevant and keep your customers engaged. By researching when your consumers are engaging with your content most, you can schedule posts that match those times, allowing your business to reach maximum engagement. Implementing automation technology, like Hootsuite, will save time allowing you to focus on creating more effective content. Conduct social listening, see what your customers are saying, what trends they are following, and identify how they want to be communicated to. Don’t make social media your one-stop-shop for all of your promotional efforts, create mutually beneficial relationships with your customers, remember to give and not just take.

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Emily Spence
Emily Spence
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