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How To Write A Professional Media Release


A media release is a way to inform the media of your news item. It should provide useful information about your company, products, service or event. It isn’t an advertisement so it must not sound like one.


Firstly, make sure the information you are providing is newsworthy and interesting to the general public.
Start With Impact
The heading and first paragraph should be catchy and tell the story as you only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention. The rest of your release should provide the relevant detail.
Keep It Simple
Use only enough words to tell your story and avoid using unnecessary adjectives and flowery language as wordiness distracts from your story. Keep it concise and make each word count. Speak [write] plainly using normal language. Jargon is a language specific to certain professions or groups and is not appropriate for general readership. Avoid using exclamation points, italics and over punctuating. Include factual information (don’t exaggerate or lie) and include testimonials where appropriate.
Pick an Angle
Try to make your release timely. Tie your news to special events or seasonal topics. Include Images The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words is true. A professional picture included in the release can capture an editors or journalists attention encouraging them to read further.
Provide Contact Details
  • Name of company
  • Name of person to contact
  • Phone/Mobile
  • Email
  • Web address
Professional Image
Most media outlets receive in excess of 100 media releases each day and a well-written media release will definitely be considered and may even be used word-for-word. A poorly written release, full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will end up in the bin. So if your story warrants a media release make sure you cover all the points above.

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