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Improve Your Visibility and Decrease Your Spend in Google AdWords

Step Back and Let Someone Else Take a Look Into Your Campaign

We all know the old saying that sometimes we become too close to our own project to see the changes that can be made to improve results. This saying is particularly relevant to AdWords campaigns, as it often takes a fresh set of eyes to ensure your campaigns are bound for success. The common assumption with AdWords is that simply putting more money into your campaign will improve your results. However, for a platform where several elements combined impact results, it is naive to think one single component has the power to make or break a campaign. The Titanic provides a perfect analogy here, the ship cost an ambitious fortune which created the mentality it was ‘unsinkable’… and we all know what happened there.
Relevance is The Key
With AdWords, as with most digital platforms, it takes more than one thing to ensure your ship is steered for success. Often, while things may seem to be heading in the right direction, under the surface the opportunity for improvements is lingering. The key here, Hat Tip to @NeilPatel, is to ensure your ads, keywords and landing pages are relevant and meaningful before trying to max out your budgets.
Campaign Restructuring
Some simple refinements and a restructure, and suddenly you’re spending a lot less and still receiving quality enquiries. Often, a campaign is commenced and seems to be working because you’re receiving enquiries, so it’s natural to assume it is running effectively. However, with a fresh set of eyes on your data, your campaigns and your landing pages, it can become screamingly obvious that there is an opportunity to spend less and achieve more, and better quality, leads. This was the reality for one of our clients, RTL Plumbing. With a campaign restructure, keyword refinements and landing page updates they were able to reduce their spend 79% and improve their CTR 92%. Their campaign efficiency improved dramatically and therefore they could reinvest in other areas of their business.
Get Someone Who Understands Your Business
Now you may be thinking, how can I freshen up my campaigns? The first thing to do is take a step back and let someone else have a look at what you have running. Make sure you get someone who understands your business and what you offer, as they will be able to judge whether your campaign is delivering relevant messages. Have them look at what keywords your targeting, the copy in your ads and the copy in your landing pages. Ask them to make a call on if they believe it accurately represents your business and whether they believe the 3 components are relevant to each other and create a cohesive, logical path for customers.
Do Your Own Campaign Reality Check
Importantly, even if you have a digital marketing agency working for you and running your AdWords campaign, it is always good to conduct a campaign ‘reality-check’ yourself. After you’ve completed your reality-check, you might find there are things occurring in your account that are not so relevant and not so productive, and at this point, you might want to consider bringing in an AdWords & Digital Marketing specialist.

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