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Key Considerations for Your Content Strategy

Outsource2Us outlines aspects you should consider when reviewing your website’s content strategy.

Before we get into this blog, it is wise to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation – but no worries, we’ve written all about it in a previous blog, if you need to, go check it out now! Having quality content on your website is imperative for improving your website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Ranking – which, in turn, makes your business more easily discoverable by potential customers. Over 25% of people click the first Google Search Result, so getting your SERP ranking as high as possible is an ongoing battle. If your website has been active for several years and you already have numerous blogs uploaded as part of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, it may be time to begin reviewing your existing content to determine if further optimisation should be completed. Outsource2Us, your experts in Search Engine Optimisation in Brisbane, outline the considerations you need to make for your content strategy.
Creating a content checklist
When reviewing your current website content, it can be helpful to create a checklist that will help you to identify the amount of optimisation needed, and what content to prioritise. When reviewing a blog’s page performance, consider asking yourself the below questions. You can find most of the answers to these through your Google Analytics account.
  1. Currently, is the post getting consistent (and sufficient) traffic?
  2. Was the post previously a high-traffic page, but now the traffic has dropped?
  3. Is the post currently showing up in search results for any keyword (regardless of keyword relevance)?
  4. Did the post previously show up in search results, but the rankings have now dropped?
  5. Is the content theme unique, or are there other posts discussing a similar content theme?
  6. Is the main goal of the content solely to provide awareness or information to readers, or to generate leads or conversions?
We suggest methodically moving through your content and reviewing each blog’s analytics to answer the above questions. This can be done in-house, or more thoroughly if ask an SEO agency, like Outsource2Us for help.
Applying your strategy
After you have determined the past performance of your blogs, there are a number of different actions you can take to reoptimise them for Google SERP. Update Content If you have blogs that have received significant traffic in the past but have since dropped off in page visits, you can consider updating the content to add more value and current information. You can then republish this content to drive more traffic. Combining content Search engines might consider pages of very similar topics as thin content, especially when they are short and cover almost the same discussions. Thus, another option for re-optimisation is to consolidate blogs discussing the same content theme to create a more in-depth, long-form article. Adding a poorly ranking blog into a successful blog to add value is also a robust strategy. Deleting outdated content Finally, if a page has never ranked or received consistent traffic, you can consider deleting this content completely. This is especially important if you have content that has outdated information that you are unable to update. The overall goal of all these strategies is to improve your content by adding information and content that readers and potential customers will find value in. If you’re looking to outsource your Search Engine Optimisation strategy we can review your current content, develop and then implement a strategy for further improving your SEO. Contact us today to chat with a marketing expert.

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