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Your Brand is the Embodiment of Your Business; Make Sure it is up to Date

Outsource2Us speaks on the importance of an up to date brand for all businesses, no matter their size.

When was the last time you reviewed your brand image? Does it align with your target audience?

Even brands like Starbucks have undergone multiple brand refreshes. To be exact, Starbucks has had five logo redesigns and numerous brand revisions since the company began in 1971, all to stay competitive in the market and to meet consumers’ ever-evolving preferences.

It is recommended that businesses update their brand once every five years. This doesn’t have to be a logo refresh, but it might just be updating your key message or refining your target audience.

Brand revitalisation is needed for all businesses to stay competitive in their field and relevant amongst their target audience.

Branding is not a one-and-done deal. A business’s brand must be consonantly evolving and the best way to take a strategic approach to branding is by completing some market research.

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Be proactive rather than reactive

Businesses that don’t do market research and update their brand image, accordingly, may lose their competitive advantage and appeal in an ever-evolving market. Take American Apparel for example. Unlike Starbucks, it did not evolve and because of that it no longer exists. Be like Starbucks, not American Apparel.

Every business has a brand, it’s more than a logo and colours, it’s messaging, how the business communicates with its audience and so much more.

Here are some examples of our recent work where we updated a few of our client’s brands.

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Outsource2Us can design the style guide, create modern collateral and promotional merchandise, and incorporate your updated brand identity into all marketing strategies to make sure your brand is seen.

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