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Marketing to Support Word of Mouth

Proven Tips to Support Word of Mouth Marketing Opportunities for Your Business

Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is an active and intentional marketing initiative to create Word-of-Mouth (WOM) opportunities. These days, people want to work with genuine companies, and some feel they can only get trusted connections from WOM.

WOM can be managed, stimulated and driven by a number of different tactics. To help, Outsource2Us has listed our key strategies below:

Social Currency

Social Currency is the idea of exclusivity. Giving people exclusive information or insider information makes them feel special. Examples could be trailers, private events etc. Existing clients who are in this “special group” are likely to have high satisfaction, and eventually refer your company to friends to join in for exclusive content too.


Trigger’s prompt people to think of your company without any direct advertising, e.g. branded promo items. Triggers increase WOM by heightening its effect in a separate setting or time.

Provoke Emotion

Your clients are more likely to share an experience working with you to a friend if there is value and a lasting impression. Your business must have enough value to arouse a high emotion in order for clients to have the will to share.

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WOM Agents

Designated employees who create WOM conversations.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Connecting with clients via surveys, feedback forms, reviews, ratings, emails, replies, comments etc

Employee Referrals

Setting a target to earn bonuses.

Referral Discounts

Bring a friend – “Share a Coke”. Birthday person eats free.


The more you interact with people, the more your name will spread. Be active, the more you appear in someone else’s feed, the more they remember your existence, the more they’ll think of your company when they need it or when a friend needs it.

WOMM is arguably one of the most important marketing tactics of any business. So why not include it in your marketing strategy?

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