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5 Strategies to Maximise Your Business’s Marketing with Your CRM

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Outsource2Us shares 5 tips on how you can make the most of a CRM’s (customer relationship management tool) capabilities for your business’s marketing.


Many businesses utilise a CRM in their everyday processes to organise their customer data. If you are already using a CRM for this purpose, you should also improve your marketing processes by taking advantage of the capabilities provided by this powerful technology. As providers of professional marketing services in Brisbane, we outline 5 ways that you can maximise your business’s marketing with your CRM.


Tailor your campaigns with segmentation.

Segmenting your database into specific attributes can help you to create a more personalised customer experience with your marketing campaigns, so that you are able to target your audience more effectively. With the help of a CRM specialist, such as A1CRM, you can easily segment your database based on their attributes, which then can be used to send more targeted marketing campaigns to help drive more leads or sales.


Automate where you can.

Many CRMs, such as Zoho CRM, or Pipedrive, allow you to create automations that can save you a lot of time in your day-to-day marketing activities. This can be anything from lead nurturing workflows, social media post scheduling, and regular email campaigns. Automation can remove the tediousness of repetitive tasks, so that your time can be focused more efficiently.


Leverage your CRM’s analytics for insights.

One of the most important features that your CRM can offer for you to refine your marketing strategy is access to analytics. By analysing the data provided by your CRM, you can identify your high-performing marketing channels, and pinpoint areas for improvement. For instance, in Zoho, you can identify which of your marketing campaigns garnered the most leads, and then tailor your strategy moving forward based on this information.


Take advantage of A/B testing.

A/B testing involves comparing two different marketing elements to determine which is more effective. For example, you could A/B test different email subject headlines to determine which receives the highest click-through rate. Many CRMs allow you to A/B test within your marketing channels, so that you can refine and drill down on what content is most successful in engaging your audience.


Unify your marketing channels.

Unifying your marketing channels involves integrating various marketing platforms together to establish and maintain consistent management. Many CRMs give you the ability to unify your marketing channels, so that you can manage these channels in one central location. Depending on your CRM’s capabilities, this could include your social media management, marketing emails, digital advertising, and more.

Your CRM can be an incredibly useful tool for refining your marketing efforts, which is why we always recommend using them to their full potential when we deliver marketing services in Brisbane.

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